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    just wanted to let everyone know we got the catscan report. and my Husband did have a stroke so tommorrow he goes for blood test, MRI. of the brain. and the next day he has ultra sound, and has to be fitting with a holter monitor.
    hes very tired ,no energy and still has a slight headache. I"ve stressed this to the nurse, which they could just move alittle faster, I"m worried he could have another attack.
    Thank you so much everyone for prayers and encouragement it has helped us both so much. I hope everyone had a joyous Mothers Day. I will be praying for request on the board,sorry I can"t answer all, but will prayer for and hugs .J&S Sixtyslady
  2. MamaR

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    Just know that we are remembering your hubby in well as for you.

    Take care of yourself... because he needs you healthy!

    Love, Mari
  3. Asatrump

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    I am still playing that hymn daily and have been praying for you. Glad the medical people have things scheduled for Jerry.

    Try and take something for your nerves if you have it.
  4. windblade

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    Praying for your husband - his care and recovery. And for you to have the strength to deal with it all.

    May God bless you both!

    Love, Judy
  5. morningsonshine

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    Praying for your husbands complete recovery;
    Hang in there, may you have strengh and peace
    in Jesus your Lord.

    prayer, and hugs,
  6. sixtyslady

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    well what a day had to be at lab at 7;30 this morning, this is 30mi away,and then had to go back for MRI at 4;00 this afternoon, I"M pooped and not very nice to be around.
    I hurt all over and have had stomach cramps since yesterday I think its nerves.
    My poor hubby is still having headaches, and I just have to push him to get him out the door, he can hardly get up in the morning .
    I did talk him into taking a week off work till all these test are over and we know what to expect. His tongue is still numb and it takes him a long time to eat, but his speech is better.
    I"ve been reading the post and the prayers to him and it makes him feel much better, he.says thank you to all and God Bless.
    I wonder if the stress from him having to deal with my d.d. helped bring this stroke on. it makes me feel really bad. Just please pray that God will bless me with strenght to help my hubby. I need to it the hay.
    Hugs and Blessing, J&S sixtysaldy
  7. morningsonshine

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    Please don't take it on yourself that your hubby had a stroke. I'm sure he loves you very much. With everything you both have to deal with here, you don't need a load of guilt too.

    Keeping you in our love, and prayers.
  8. sixtyslady

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    MY husband is feeling alittle better, hes got the holter monitor on right now has to return it this afternoon,
    hope everyone is doing O.K. I havent" been posting but I have read the post, so I can pray for everyone at nite.

    Once again thanks for all your prayers and support. Blessing sixtyslady

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I am so happy to hear your husband is feeling a little better today....I pray he will have a full and speedy recovery.

    You and your husband have my continued prayers!!

    God Bless
  10. fivesue

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    you both. Take care of yourself, also, dear friend.

  11. dejovu

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    I will continue praying for you dear "Lady" and your husband. May you all be held in the Hand of God.DE