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    Hello my friend,

    Sorry you are not doing well. I called my husband immediately after reading about your issue & he is concerned about the rash & where it is located. It can cause abnormal flora to develop due to the delicate nature of where the rash is at.

    Your Urologist should not be brushing it off. Externally, when you have a rash of this nature going on something could be internal issues being caused as well.

    There are alternate meds. He mentioned something like Prescar or Proscar..sorry, he was talking fast he was actually on the road.

    He wants you to seek a second opinion if your Urologist brushes you off, demand they do something. You may need the rash swabbed as well.

    Please take his advice. My husband is very good at diagnosing & preventative medicine.

    I hope you are feeling better & keep me posted.
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    I read in one of the posts about how far you go to see your doctor and noticed that you live in Chicago....I do also and would really appreciate if you could tell me who you go see....I am at a complete loss trying to find someone...thanks in advance

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