HUGE Accomplishment For Me....Good News.......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dd, May 22, 2003.

  1. dd

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    I am so happy today and wanted to share this with my "family" here that I have grown to depend on in good times and bad.

    I went to my 9 year old son's (Brandon) award ceremony this morning at school. I even drove myself there...a HUGE accomplishment in itself because I have been suffering from panic attacks and have developed a fear of driving...besides all the other FM symptoms that keep me from driving...especially a stick shift that wreaks havoc om my shoulders and neck area.

    All week long he has been so excited about his award ceremony and has been asking me every day if I was going to come to it. I kept telling him that if Daddy can get off work on that morning that I would be there. Well, my husband was not able to get off of work. I was determined that this DD was not going to keep me away from one more school function...especially something so important to my son. So, I bit the bullett and went. I had to be there by 8:00 this morning...pain and all but I DID IT! I get very dizzy in buildings that have a lot people and loud noise and today was no exception...I kept holding on to the chair next to me for support...but I was there for him. When he walked into the auditorium he noticed me sitting there and he had a huge smile on his face. I had tears running down my face...OMG I am crying again just thinking about how happy he was to see me there...Happy Tears...

    I am so very proud of him. He received 4 awards and the biggest one of all was the Citizenship award for which he received a trophy for. Only 4 other students in the whole school received that award. After the ceremony I went up to him and he gave me the biggest hug and kiss. I feel so happy right now...mostly for him because I did not want to let him down...and of course for me because I was able to be there and see him accept his awards. PRAISE THE LORD. I prayed last night that the Lord give me the strength to go today. He does answer prayers!!!

    I used to be so involved in my children's school functions and I usually spent about 3 days a week at their school volunteering anyway that I could. I would plan the field trips for their classes, go on the field trips to help supervise...basically just do anything that the teachers needed. I even received Volunteer of the year 2 years in a row...then this DD hit me really hard and I had to start backing out of activities even though I wanted so badly to be there...I just could not physically handle it anymore. I felt so bad for my boys because they were always so proud to have Mommy there with them...and of course I missed seeing all the students that had gotten to know me over the years. I still do volunteer work from home like grading papers and doing cut outs for the teachers and all.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my joy today with all of you. It is always nice to have something positive to share once in a while. I AM SO PROUD OF BRANDON!!!

    This DD is NOT going to get the best of me or my children.

    God Bless,

  2. AnnetClo

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    This was definitely a huge accomplishment and I am very proud of you. And I applaud you for deciding that this DD isn't going to take over your life. I think I'm finally getting there myself. I'm over the "poor me" and am going right into that "nobody or nothing is going to determine what I do" angry mode. I refuse to live like this forever. I may not find a cure but I will find a way to live with this mess without it ruining my life. So I'll say to go girl.

    And tell your son Congratulations from me.

  3. LynneH

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    That's wonderful, Debbie. I'm sure your son will always remember that you were there for him. You have good reason to be a proud mom!!!!
    Also, have you asked the doctor to precribe you anything for your panic attacks? You shouldn't have to suffer with them when there are good anti anxiety drugs available!!

  4. LeLeHpr

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    This dd will not keep us down, we must keep moving forward..
  5. goingslowlycrazy

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    That is so wonderful for you and for Brandon!

    Well done - and think how many obstacles you overcame to accomplish that...break the experience down into
    a) having to be up and going off early - an accomplishment in itself
    b) driving there
    c) dealing with the dizziness
    d) dealing with the panics
    e) getting home again

    See how much you did?????? It's brilliant and must have given you such a psychological lift too.
    Now I am gonna put my stern hat on and tell you to make sure you give yourself time to rest...don't come back to earth with a bump!

    I'm so happy for you - your excitement was jumping off the screen at me!

    big, proud hugs
    Mary x
  6. dsames

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    That is fantastic news.

    You go girl!. Everytime you do this in spite of all the painful symptoms, it will get easier.

    Don't you find that doing something exciting like that for someone we love, does make some of the awful symptoms go away for a time at least.

    Have a great day.

    Love shirley
  7. Carolyn0508

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    You were very brave today! I, too, have suffered from panic attacks in the past and there is nothing scarier. I really don't like to drive either and I flat out won't drive on highways. But as others have said, love for your son and God's grace got you past the anxiety. It's also great that you've found a way to stay involved in a way that's manageable for you by working for the class at home. I believe in recognizing our limitations and working around them. Thanks for sharing your victory and congratulate Brandon for me!

  8. pam_d

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    I know what a huge accomplishment this was for you, and how thrilled your son must have been to have you there! I went to my daughter's middle school graduation breakfast & ceremony this morning, too. It was very nice and just the right length (that helps, doesn't it---when things aren't overly long!) and I'm so glad I could be there.

    Brandon sounds like a young man to be very proud of!!!

    Hope you have many more moments like today!!

  9. Princessraye

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    That is wonderful that you were able to do that. I hope you have many more days like this.
    But one thing you should know, I grew up with a mom with Fibro and she couldn't always do things with us in the outside world but I would not trade her for anything in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. dd

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    Just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you wonderful people. I appreciate the support and inspiration more than you know.

    I am still on cloud nine....