Hugs Today ......

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    Hugs Today ......

    A hug is a wonderful thing. We can give them just about anywhere, at any time, and they are practically free. All that is asked from us is that we extend our arms and be willing.

    For those of us with chronic pain, a hug can do many things. It can cheer us up. It can say, "I love you," or "I'll miss you, come back soon," or "I understand. I understand you have pain and know where you have been. I will be here with you and I will comfort you as best I can." A hug to us can be the beginning of healing our hearts and souls and our pain.

    From Living With Chronic Pain One Day At A Time, by Mark Allen Zabawa

    Hugs to everyone,

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    Hugs back at ya!
    Yesterday I went to a company picnic with hubby. One of his coworkers gave me a hug as I left. It said,"I truly understand your pain and suffering. I hope you get better". Her boyfriend has fibro, so she truly understands and cares. It felt so warm and loving!
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    hugs need to be shared more by the whole world they truely can help heal.

    a big hug to you for the reminder
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    Sending many hugs to you as always. :)

    I'm dealing with a summer cold, so don't feel so great.

    Will be watching the Dallas football game tonight. Hope I can stay awake.

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    Thanks for the hugs Janet.

    Sending hugs back to you. :)

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
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    Thanks for the hug .... and a big hug back to you all!

    Faye, I hate to hear you have a summer cold. Hope you get to feeling better really soon!!

    Love and Big Hugs,
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