Human gut Bacteria Study - Antibiotics' other problem

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    Health News Article:
    Antibiotics May Kill Off Healthy Bacteria in the Gut:

    That link to an article that tells about the human gut flora - those bacteria that live in our intestines and help us with digestion, immunity, and many other functions - and how antibiotics will kill them off, and some are very slow to recover.

    Without these critters, we will not be healthy. Perhaps we are not healthy due to them being missing, or insufficient. Yogurt will replace some of them and probiotics have many more strains of them, up to 15 or even 50 strains in the best probiotics.

    However, this study found 5700 strains!! 5700 different types, and of course there are millions of each strain living in our colon. Yogurt barely scratches the surface!!

    But get this!! - Antibiotics kills of up to ONE-THIRD of them. Some never did come back - entire strains GONE. And we do not know what function they were serving.

    The idea of posting this here is that it could be that even chronic pain, and especially IBS or colitis has "something" to do with the gut bacteria. If we have taken antibiotics, we should be concerned about what is going on with our "colonic microflora populations". People are given antibiotics from an early age... perhaps nobody really has a complete set of beneficial bacteria anymore, and that could explain why humans get sick all the time as compared to our pets, wild animals, etc.

    our "Immune System" can simply refer to these gut bacteria - "immunity" is dependant on the microflora, the basic way our bodies interact with the outside world.

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