Humic Acid Kills Viruses, Oil of Oregano, and Proteolytic Enzymes for Autoimmune & Chronic Diseases

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    Antony Haynes, BA, a nutritionist in London presented "Using Herbs and Botanicals to Treat Chronic Infections" during the free online Autoimmune Summit that ran from Nov 10-17, 2014.

    Here are the notes that I took from his presentation:

    He talked about Humic Acid. I think he said it was from ancient plant material that has been crushed down and must be mined. There is a source in New Mexico.

    Humic Acid has the capacity to bind on viruses like sticky velcro for latent, chronic or acute viruses.

    1 dose lasts 6-8 hours.

    Will bind to almost any virus and prevents the virus from mutating.

    If person has a virus, such as a latent virus, and is not exhibiting symptoms, they may exhibit symptoms for a short time when taking humic acid, until the humic acid kills the virus.

    For example: a person who gets cold sores from the herpes virus, may develop a cold sore when taking humic acid, but it will probably go away quickly.

    The vast majority of patients will have a flare up and will need GI and liver detox support.

    He said there is no other toxicity or side effects.

    He uses Allergy Research Group brand of Humic Acid which contains 750 mg in 2 caps.

    He starts his patients out with 1 cap at breakfast and 1 cap at dinner.

    He said he usually uses a max of 8 per day over time.

    One person got a skin rash every time his dose was increased and then it went away.

    He said a high dose may be needed, and a robust person with a good immune system that has kept viruses in check, may need 5 caps at each meal.

    Typical dose, however, is 2 or 4 or 6 caps per day.

    Lupus patients are having success. RA or Crohn's patients on immunosupressants can be helped and can have remissions.

    Can take humic acid daily for a long time.

    Can reduce the body burden of Lyme patients. Coinfections may manifest. He also uses Oil of Oregano (ADP) with this.

    One lyme patient increased her humic acid by 2 caps per day and had increased energy.

    He had a pt with oral and genital herpes where humic acid nullified the expression of that. He has not checked to see if this pt is free of antibodies yet.

    Many of his patients also take "ADP" Biotics Research Brand of Oil of Oregano.

    He met a pt with RA who took the microemulsified sustained release oregano extract (ADP) and 6 months later was free of RA after being told by his GP that he would have it the rest if his life and need methotrexate, etc.

    Oregano is not effective against viruses.

    It does work well for SIBO.

    He starts his pt's on 5 caps at each meal x 1 week, then 4 caps at each meal x 5 weeks. If more needed after that, reduce dose to maybe half.

    Take it for as short of a time as possible and restart if needed.

    He said to continue with the regime if the pt herxes.

    (My note: that seems like a lot to start with. I think I would start slow, since oregano oil is potent and can burn the stomach and cause herxing)

    He has a pt who is taking 2-3 at each meal and feels worse when he stops. He is not sure why yet, since he has not found the specific bug that is causing his symptoms.

    He also uses Proteolytic enzymes often and they are effective with oregano and humic acid.

    Take the enzymes away from food. He uses 5-12 tabs

    30 min before food or 2 hr after food.

    They are a huge systemic anti-inflammatory.

    He uses these brands: ( I did not look these up to check for spelling)

    1. Intenzyme Forte from Biotics Research- great for sports injuries and can limit the use of NSAIDS. 7-8 caps

    2. Gluten Gest from Allergy Research Group. This is meant for people who are trying to be gluten free. 5-6 caps. One of the most effective anti inflammatories and antimicrobial-supporting enzyme formulas.

    3. Pancreas from Allergy Research Group. It is from Pork. 5-7 caps.

    Consider taking 2 kinds of proteolytic enzymes in the same day.

    He has never seen a pt with an autoimmune condition without an unwanted bug.


    Get tested for viral and bacterial antibodies

    Improve GI microbiome

    Humic Acid- start low dose

    Oregano- start 5/each meal, continue if herx

    Proteolytic Enzymes.
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    Hi Nanie,

    Fulvic acid and Humic acid both looks promising and possibly could be alternative therapy to consider. I have utilized emulsified sustained release oregano extract to treat dysbiosis and found that peppermint oil and oregano extract used together to be beneficial.

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    I want to add to my statement in relation to dysbiosis and natural therapies. I found another exceptional supplement called Tanalbit that may bind in a similar way as Humic acid.

    What is the action of Tanalbit?

    "Rather than being absorbed by the body, the Tanalbit® tannin complex attaches itself to fungal/yeast/bacterial cells. This "attachment" prevents the unwanted tenants from colonizing and metabolizing, and the unwanted organisms die, exiting the body in the feces (The body itself "digests" out the Tanalbit®/yeast complex). Initially one may experience constipation/diarrhea due to the removal of unwanted yeast/bacteria, however, this quickly subsides (within 2-3 days). Tanalbit® will actually help diarrhea symptoms because its natural astringency helps to repair permeable and/or weakened GI cells, allowing them to regain their strength, normal activity, and thus also restoring normal peristaltic activity."

    See more here: Tannin Supplement - Tanalbit® at ProHealth
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