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  1. jka

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    does anyone have more pain when there is higher humidity outside?we went to red bluff,ca. for a few days and it's really dry there.i had hardly any pain while there.when we get back to oregon everything starts to hurt.but my rhumy told me there was no inflamation any where-espcially in my joints.doesn't humid weather usually make inflamation worse?thanks for any input.

    kathy c
  2. sujay

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    Lots of my patients have problems when the weather changes. Cold can be a BIG problem, but I'm not surprised to hear that humidity might be a problem for you. I don't know what the mechanism is, but you have to learn to trust your body. I suspect it might have to do with "hypercoagulation". Someone did a study (in France, I think) and found more people had strokes when stormy weather came in. We've got a lot to learn!

    Hang in there, and good luck.
  3. Kathryn

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    I have been watching for you to post so I could answer. I'm Kate, the pain in Drain - just up the road a piece. We have some good friends in GP, but don't get down to visit nearly as often as we would like. If I know ahead of time, I will shout for you.
    Humidity really bothers me, which is why we are moving to Nevada as soon as possible. We go camping in Idaho every year, and my body will actually let me do some of the things I used to enjoy. I want to be able to ride my mare again. I don't know why, but dry heat makes me feel better, and dry cold does not seem to hurt nearly as much.
  4. Princessraye

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    Humidity really bothers me but I moved to a dry climate and after a very short time , I felt just as bad.
    Hopefully dry climates will help some people.
  5. pammy52

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    I too find humidity makes me hurt more. Also the rainy, damp
    weather increases my pain.
    Having an airconditioner in the bedroom gives me refuge from
    the really sticky hot days. Also drinking lots of water. I
    found that cool not ice cold water makes it easier for me to drink larger amounts throughout the day.
    I have a several socks that I have filled with uncooked rice. I heat them in the microwave and put them under the
    bedcovers when I am chilled or have a pain in my legs. It
    helps my muscles to relax quicker and soothes some of the pain.
  6. tulip922s

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    Oh boy, do I ever know what you mean. It's rained here for 3 days straight and the pain is right through the ceiling. Thankfully I am seeing the physical therapist today as well as yoga tonight and blessed it be,,,the rain is finally ending. Best of luck to you. Tulip
  7. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    The damper it is the worse I feel.
  8. AnnG

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    I visited the big island last month to stay with a friend. My pain wasn't too bad but I had no energy and couldn't sleep. I felt totally drained and actually looked forward to returning to rainy WA. Sad.
  9. klutzo

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    I find that I can do OK with dry, cold weather, as long as I keep my chest and neck covered,but if it's wet and cold at the same time, I am a wreck. It is always wet and cold here at Xmas time, and makes holiday prep very difficult. Keep in mind I live in Florida, so anything below 60 degrees qualifies as "cold" to me!
    We have unbelievable humidity here for 8-9 months out of the year, but it is hot at the same time, and while that does slow me down some, it does not make my pain worse. Even though I don't like temps above 80 degrees, I find that the hotter it gets, the less I hurt.
    If I was healthy, I would prefer to live in a cold climate, where I could take long walks a couple of times daily without ending up dripping wet and having to wash my hair every time (I have long hair).
  10. ForeverFlaring

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    The two seasons I am at my best are fall and spring. The temperatures we have been having this spring in the NE have been so lovely, I wish it would last all year.

    When I lived in Florida, I was miserable. The winters here are great for me in the beginning but I think that this year's winter affected me emotionally. I had never been so down in my life.

    I suupose I could chalk it up to Seasonal Affective Disorder, but then that wouldnt make any sense as the days are shorter in fall and that is when I am doing well.
  11. tansy

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    Very effected by weather, humidity feels like it's glueing my brain up, any physical activity and I just heat up and want to collapse.

    The damp's bad news but a good rain fall better than humidity. High atmospheric pressure better than low. Warm, not hot with a fresh breeze is my ideal.

    Shame there's nowhere like that for 365 days a year.


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  12. Shirl

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    Tansy, let me know if you find that paradise!

    Kathy I live in Louisiana, I do believe its the high humidity capital of the world! Winter and Summer.

    It does not make the pain worst, but I can't breathe when its very high.
    Plus I sweat that awful way that you feel like the heat is strangling you. Like Klutzo said, my hair (also long) is sticking to my head and neck, so is my clothes.

    What does seem to cause pain, is stormy days, in fact I can tell you when the weather is going to change! My back starts to get achy.

    I also keep my chest warm with a close fitting t-shirt. If I get the trunk of my body cold, like in a draft, then everthing hurts.

    Cold weather, which is not that cold here compared to the north, does not bother me. But I do keep clothes on in layers.

    I also can't stand heat in the house. I never put the central heating on. It makes me miserable, not to mention it affects my sinuses, dries them out untill my nose will bleed.

    I keep the temperature indoors at 69-70 degrees all year round.

    Did I get off the subject??? Oh well, whats new.

    Shalom, Shirl

  13. ~Cel~

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    I live in Montreal, Quebec and it is humid here all year long (or it sure feels like it!). The winters are bad due to dampness and cold, seeps into your bones and won't let go. If I get cold at all during the day, I'll be freezing for the rest of it unless I take a warm shower, and even then it's 50/50. The summer heat is damp and sticky, makes you sweat to even lift a finger. I've only been dx'd last month but the last couple of summers have been harder on me, I feel heavy and nauseous when there's high humidity and heat, like I weigh 6000 pounds. I also swell up in high humidity.

    Hope you are all having as good a day as possible!

  14. nktigger99

    nktigger99 New Member

    I do not deal with hot sticky weather very well. I live in Germany...where is not suppose to get very hot...guess what it is. Right now we are having a big heat wave. It is killing me. No AC in any of the building. When I get really hot I feel so Nausated. I am also on bentyl which makes me less likely to sweat so I over heat alot. These last couple of days have been miserable. By the end of work I just want to crawl in bed and sleep till the next bad we are moving next week so I have to pack after work. Sometimes I feel like I am sufficating.


  15. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Your post was surprising, I always thought of Germany as cool, never would have thought it could be not only hot but humid!

    I always wanted to live in Germany or Ireland thinking it would be the ideal weather.

    Shalom, Shirl
  16. jka

    jka New Member

    just want to say thank you for all who's nice to know i'm not the only one out there!

    kathy c
  17. redbullatc

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    I grew up in the east coast and then lived for the past three years in Spain. I just left Spain and I now live on an island near the equator. It's really hot and humid here. I get headaches and fatigue here, it bugs me because I have never experienced this problem before. Help please!
  18. suz41

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    I have had similiar experiences. I live in Pennsylavania in the more humid air. I always have more pain when dew point climbs above 60 degress (Sticky). I was out west last September in the Rockies of Colorado. How wonderful very little pian and noooo headaches. Yet on the otherhand when I go in and out of airconditioned buildings during the summer my body can't seem to adjust to the temp and humidity change. This becomes quite painful on certain days. Even at home I try not to have the AC on unless its fairly hot and humid (above 85) otherwise my joints ache. Don't know any other way to handle it. I guess it the part of summer I will just have to learn to cope with.

  19. Sunshyne1027

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    My husband has MS, and I have FM. Its so hard to find the balance of temps in my house. Humidity affects him, his fatigue worsens, yet the cold from the Air Conditioner, it makes the pain of FM worse.

    I notice that when the humidity is high outdoors, and we are in it travelling, gardening, etc.. The achiness in the joints does increase with me too. I really hate to sweat in it too, its so uncomfortable. Seems I sweat more so these days too.

  20. Mikie

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    I came from dry Colorado and was sick all the time from the high, dry, dirty air in Denver. I now live in SW Florida and love the hot, humid weather. I don't have chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergies, or pneumonia here. I also don't have the attendant chosto chondritis from having my chest constantly inflammed.

    Down here, you seldom see seniors on oxygen. When I go back to Colorado, a very large percent of seniors are hauling their oxygen around with them.

    I know that heat and humidity aren't for everyone, but one of my daughters, her husband, and I love living in the hot and humid South. I went over to the pool this morning despite still feeling crappy from Herxing on the Famvir and swam laps and worked out in the water. I lay out in the hot sun for about another half hour and it was heaven. Nothing like a cool dip on a hot day.

    Love, Mikie