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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by littlebrownwren, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. littlebrownwren

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    All of you who love hummers, they are on their way.

    Some have already been spotted in south Georgia.

    My first ones usually show up here between April 1-10.

    So get out those feeders.

    Nothing like a little hummer at the feeder to lift ones spirits.

  2. joyfully

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    We get so many different kinds of hummingbirds in our back yard. They come through Austin on their migratory path.

    I am always amazed how an agressive male will attempt to chase all the other hummingbirds away from the feeder. They are lightening fast. My biggest problem is with sugar ants. It gets so darn hot here that the feeder always drips a little sugar water in the summer. The ants find it, and then go after the source. I have to keep moving the feeder from one tree to the next to keep ahead of the sugar ants.

    OH, I even wrapped duct tape backwards with the sticky side facing outward around the tree trunk to thwart the ant's attempts to get to the sugar water.[This Message was Edited on 03/17/2007]
  3. littlebrownwren

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    You can have as many hummers as you work for, just be sure and space them some distance apart or one hummer may lay claim to all. They love to perch and take baths. A tiny mister over a bush and they will put on the most delightful show. They will take turns and wait in line for a bath.


    We only get the Ruby Throat here and in recent yrs the Rufus has begun showing up more and more.

    I love to paint them.

    I usually have out 15+ feeders by mid summer. Thats about all I can handle and thats filling them every day.

    They bring me so much joy.

    A hint about the ants. When I fill my feeders, before putting the bottom on I stick my finger in the bottle and do a quick rinse over the bottle getting off and sugar residue on the outside of the bottle.

    I also hang my feeders with fishing line and cup hook away from any climbing vines and access. This helps a lot.

    The biggest help is ant cups which are hung above the feeder and filled with water.

    All the above cut back on invaders tremendously.

    I still have the yellow jackets in late summer but keeping the residue off the outside of the bottle helps with that.

    Got really mad one year about the jackets and filled a butter bowl with water and dish detergent and frothed it up real good and found that I could just rake them off in the suds. They can't fly with sudsy wings. Took some practice but got pretty good at it.

    I threw scalding hot water on japanese hornets that thought they could take over.

    Can you tell I love my hummers?

    Fibro and all that I have going on takes a lot away from me and hummers and other bird watching is still something I can enjoy. I've had them in my hand, hair and peering in my window when their feeder is empty.

    I'm so glad it's spring.


  4. joyfully

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    How could I forget the yellow jackets! They actually build their nests close to my feeder! What are "ant cups"?

    I meticulously wash off my feeder when I refill it. The Texas sun is so hot that the air and water inside of the feeder expands during the day and the sugar water is forced out of the openings. No matter how hard I try, the feeders get in the sun for some part of the day.

    so what do you suspend the fishing line off of?

    I have the feeder on a big "s" shaped hook hanging off of a branch on my tree. I even tried putting vaseline around the circumference of the tree branch.

    I though about putting out ant kill stuff, but was concerned that the ants would eat at the feeder before dying---and transfer some of the poison to the sugar water.

    I have hummingbirds that build nests in my wax myrtles across the back of my property. Their nests are soooooooooooo tiny!
  5. littlebrownwren

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    They are about the same size of a spray paint can lid but with a core in the middle. The core had an eye screw in the top and a hook on the bottom. It holds about 2 oz of water.

    If you use S hooks , you just hang the ant cup on it and the feeder on the hook underneath.

    Some of my feeders are in the sun also but I have a wrap around porch with a wide eave so I use cup hooks and use a double length of fishing line about 14 inches or so long and hang the ant cup on this and feeder under it.

    They do keep away most ants.

    I do envy your nest. I've only found one nest in my yard and am still amazed at the little elastic nest. It's like a little pair of panty hose made from lichen and spider silk.

    I think Home Depot had ant cups last year. You'll love them.

    My sugar supply goes crazy during hummer season and I make sugar water ahead and keep it in the fridge in gallon milk jugs. I have several of the large glass feeders that hold about a quart with perches and 2 other smaller sizes.

    Can't wait for my first arrival.

    Are you all aware that the male and female don't travel together. LOL, It's true. They arrive about 2 weeks apart. The female and juveniles arrive first.

    Isn't it amazing that that tiny little bird travels so far and can find it's way back to your house the next year.

  6. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    i enjoy birds

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