Hurrah for the Type A's ---- FayMarie and Fibromiester - read

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    Hi All,

    Well again its "proven" that we ARE Type A but I would have to add ----

    A ++

    Pain that radiates down to buttocks, legs, etc. is a sign of a pinched nerve ( REMEMBER Im not a doc but have had this several times over )
    Your pain doc "should know" this and the area of where its caught is what should be treated.

    My second episode doc recommended a TENS unit and I rented from the hospital for a month to try it out. It worked "wonders" in a matter of just a couple of days.

    Check with doc and your insurance company because my rental was covered and THEN I was able to purchase my own with them covering 80% ---

    EVERYTIME I have a nerve just starting to act up I hook up ASAP.
    Not sleeping because of pain "and" sleeping meds - typical - WHO sleeps through that kind of pain ???? -- dump the pain and some stress and "hopefully" sleep will be like a baby in a bunting.

    Fibromiester - nausea/diarrhea -------- aaaaaahhhhhh the good old IBS going on huh ??? --
    Know it may sound a little "too easy" but I have had a good 80% improvement with taking every morning Metamucil AND have doc rx Reglan 3x a day for the nausea -

    ASK doc ------- NO "insist" to try something - we dont win if we dont take charge OF OURSELVES !!

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    couldn't agree more!
    Thank you!
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    JUST got back to board...Thanks so much for info!!!!! Fibromiester