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    For any one who needs information on free housing for hurricane vicitims, or if you want to offer to add your home to the list, please contact the above website.
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    a post below that had a warning. I feel I should at least let you all know that, too.

    I'm sure we all realize that there are always possibilities of problems when we take others into our homes, for whatever reason. The person who posted this, had first hand experience from another national disaster, and was warning people to please be careful about putting their homes out there.

    As much as we all want to help, we have to be so careful when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to people that we know nothing about. I personally am going to donate money, through Red Cross, or Salvation Army, and also check and see what is being done as far as housing for these people.

    This is such a horrible thing-I can't even imagine being in one of these people's shoes!! Anyone who DOES open their home-God bless you, and THANK YOU! But please, make sure it's a situation where you are able to be around most of the time to regulate what's going on. Sadly, there will always be people who will take advantage of the goodness of others. PG
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    I heard a speaker on the radio today saying he was going to personally open his home.

    He had a great idea, though. He is setting standards before he gets anyone-one, two, family, whatever.

    He said they will be allowed to stay one month, if all works out, and there will, of course, be rules that will be adhered to, that they will know about before they come to his home.

    I think this is an ideal situation for people who have guest homes, rentals, etc, that are vacant.

    We have an extra bedroom, also, and this may sound selfish, but after having my SIL here for 3 days-and we had a GREAT time, very low stress!!-my fibro is way out of control.

    We have to remember that we are not 'well' and yes, by all means, if God puts it upon you to do this, then go for it. Just, please, don't put your health or anything else in jepordy. There are government programs in order that I'm hearing more about everyday. We should be able to feel good for what IS being done, without feeling guilty if we can't. And I'm not suggesting that anyone is trying to guilt us in any way at all!! Just saying how I feel.

    Please let us know if any of you do have any personal experience with helping anyone! This is such a national tragedy. PG

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