Hurt all the time wonder which treatment is the best?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 3, 2011.

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    I too hurt all the time, I have since I was 4 yrs old. I had bad leg aches back then , and from there it got worse, By the time I had my kids the pain was out of control and had been for years, I had been to several doctors before I found out what I had and how they wanted to treat it.

    I have learned some thing in seeing several different doctors, they all want to treat you differently. One does not want to use pain meds. The other wants to use pain meds plus antidepressants, now I see a rehumy who wants to reduce my pain meds which I did agree with at the time. Now I wonder if I was not thinking straight. But he now wants to add Lyricia and I don't want any thing to do with it. If I have learned any thing over the years it is that I react to medications.

    Like I was put on Zoloft for a month or so and I felt so angy and mad all the time like the wicked witch of the west. So I stoped taking it and in a few weeks I didn't feel so angry. I have taken several antidepressants and have reacted badly to 99% of them but it is not only antidepressants but antibotics, pain meds, all different types of medications.

    I can't make him understand that I am not being difficult about it , but that I am terrified of how it will make me feel. I don't want to feel more sleepy, or gain weight{like I need to gain wieght, I need to lose it} I dont' want all the side effects that can come with it and some that no one hsa ever heard of. But I have had that happen to me. I tried Toradol and it made me have the worst panic attacks I have ever had. They were horriable , terrifing to me. I don't want to have that happen again.

    So I have become really picky as to what I want to try. Is that wrong of me? Am I thinking that this medication is bad just on the basis of what reaction I may have to it? I am really scared about it.

    I wake up every day with pain, walking hurts feels like I am walking on a bed of nails, or even hot coals, my muscles ache all the time, my pain levels don't go below 6-7 most days and that is with taking my pain meds , Msconitn , MSir , Soma, Xanax, visteril. I have taken this combo for years . I have talked with my doctor and he wants to really try Lyricia and I have told him the truth I can't afford it, with my DH incoome and mine we make too much for any perscription help.

    I have learned in trying to get some help to reduce the cost of my meds that my husbands income always in included, there is no way around it. It is frusterating to me that I can't get help because of his income. But I have found out that since I make so little from my SSDI that I have to prove that some one pays for the rent, food,ect. What a pain and an added stessor. Just what I ne ed more stress in my life.

    I don't know some days which hurts the most the arthritis, fibro, MPS or any of the other pain conditoins I have, not that it matters I still am living in pain.
    I am so scik of this never ending pain this waking up becasue I moved and it hurts, this not being able to walk becasue of my legs and feet hurting when I walk,or the feeling that I have been hit by a mack truck over and over again. How about being pulled thru a knothole backwards as that is how I feel right now.

    Chirstmas is comming and I have no money to help with it, then there are grandkids birthdays, kids birthdays, SIL's birthdays, the added stress of a daughter who;s husabnd just came back from Afgainstain and has PSTD in a bad way. I can't help yet the mother in me wants to do some thing to help her, I can't take the kids for a week or a day , I don't have a car at the moment and I can't handle three kids 6 , 4, and 1{ that one stays with mommy as mommy is nursing her}.

    Then add the stress of taking care of my 84 yr old mother, I do what I can but I have now had to tell my sister she will be taking mom to the doctor til I get another car, But I am the one Mom wants to take her ,when she is ill I am the one she wants with her, I know her medcail history so well. I have been there for her every time she has been sick as she was for me.

    I know that i have to learn to deal with my stress's it is ususally late at night when I can't sleep that I end up stressing on the things I can't change. Dumb I know. I tell my self to not think about it but it does not work .

    LIving with fibro is a pain, not just the phyical part but teh part where people don't belive you , doctors don't belive in you. It feels so lonely and I do feel alone, my hubby and daughters really do try to understand what fibro is but for the most part they don't get it. It does not make scense to them.

    Sorry about all the rambling and not sticing to the subjet matter. It is just one of those nights where this dd is driving me nuts, I am so tired and yet can't sleep. But that is another subject.
    Thanks for letting me vent,
  2. moominmom

    moominmom New Member

    Hi Rosemarie, I have to comment on your situation. You have so many responsibilities with your family, and I too find it has been an overwhelming experience at times. Even with a supportive family I hate that I have not been able to live life with the amount of energy and enthusiasm I would like.

    Having to be the primary caregiver for your Mom has to be difficult, and you have to be proud of all that you have done and do for her. Having your conditions (mine being fibro), there will be people and doctors that make you feel like you are exaggerating your symptoms. I think it is my knee jerk reaction to be hurt by this, but I have found that the few that understand are the better quality people in general. My close friends and family members know that when I am having a flare up I will not take phone calls. I feel like I will only sound negative, or make them worry and rather wait for a good day to be social with them.

    Your grandchildren are so young, and even though they bring so much joy I would agree that it would be an overwhelming undertaking to care for them. Good luck to your son-in-law getting appropriate help for the PSTD, he certainly deserves the best of services from our country!

    Regarding the Lyrica, I was on for two months and gained 15 lbs. Yet, the pain was significantly helped. Still, in the long run I believe the extra weight I carry makes my fibro pain worse, and like you the leg and feet pain is horrible. Not everyone has that side effect, but I am like you with having more side effects with most drugs.

    Cymbalta was a year long experiment for me soon after it came out. No weight gain, but it was not good for my brain. Currently I am on Wellbutrin, Tramadol, and Ambien for sleep. I need much more but I pulled back from having it and instead take a ridiculous amount of Motrin. After being denied for Provigil and Nuvigil for three years I have just gotten my first prescription. I will let you know how I feel. In the past 7-8 years my Dr. has given me samples when she can. These 2 meds both have a positive effect on my fatigue. Have you ever tried Nuvigil?

    Chronic pain is a vicious cycle, and even though there are impossible days when you can't move much, I try my best to jump on my treadmill at least 5 times a week. The foot pain can definitely it hard, so my Doctor suggests swimming. I live in FL but without a private pool I refuse to wear bathing suits. (sorry if this sounds vain).

    I hate the morning pain, and use a heating pad and massager on the bad days. Then tea and meds, and followed by a hot shower.

    Sorry for jumping around with my thoughts, but my dear sister in NJ once paid a fortune for me to see a NYC alternative Dr. and at that time he diagnosed me with too much Candida and gave me the candida diet. I do see improvement when I cut back on sugar and carbs, and understand how and why it is important to moniter my diet.

    I hope you are able to enjoy your holidays, and that you can find ways to reduce this horrible crazy pain. You are truly not alone, there are so many people that feel just like you.


  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I also wonder how it is that I can write when I am in so much pain. I have so many questions that need answers. Since I am always in pain I may as well write about how I feel and ask questoins, find others who also have fi bro and other chronic pain problems.

    I have days where the pain and fatique is so great that I dont' get online at all, and usually I am not on line every night.My doctor is not my savoir not by a long shot, how ever he has helped me to find what pain meds work best for me.
    I use some supplements like Vitiman D, magnesium, and B12 2500 mcg. I dont' use many others as I am not very learned about them.

    I am living on a limited budget and don't have the money to spend on many different supplments, But I am looking in to tihngs that will help to ease my pain wiht out pain meds or with less pain meds.

    I have so many questions about my reactoin to fibro, I have been tested with the pressure points and I have all 18 of them. They are always so darn tender and painful when touched they leave me in more pain . So I don't like to have any one touch the pressure points.

    I have read about fibro alot and because of this I some times wonder if my pain is all fibro or added with the other painful conditions, or are the other pain condititions trigger my fibro? I don't know but I want to find out.

    I write to help me to ease the loneliness I feel so deep inside of me. I don't want to feel so alone , I need to have people around me but it would be nice if they would accept the fact that I do have fibro.
    Thanks again for responding to this post.
    Thank you ,
  4. hormonal

    hormonal New Member

    It could be a weight problem or you could just be toxic from all the drugs. This movie is on hulu and it was inspiring to me. I have to lose 40-50 lbs. and give up alot of junk food.
  5. rosemarie

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    I am a stay at home grandma, who loves to be with her family. I am alone all day long since my car died and I really hate to ask my daughter to take me to town every few days. I would much rather go my self , when ever I felt like it.

    About eating better , I really need to . But I really don't eat much candy or junk food, I snack on carrots and my favorite treat is a small home made apple crisp not more than about 3 oz. and up with a small amount of butter {not real butter the stuff with out all cholestorol and has omegea 3 fatty acids added sounds great} I heat it up and then top with granola Bare Naked Granola, I don't eat cookies cakes or pies all that often, I don't eat alot of popcorn as I break teeth that way.
    I eat small meals and don't eat many snacks during the day or night.
    I need to exerercise more though, I have a member ship to the gym but no one that can take me when my swim class is at.

    I hvae moved to a small town about 7 miles from where I lived but I really don't know any one. I Live on main street and I have met a few neighbors but they are all much older than I and are invloved with their family .

    When aI have a table I enjoy tole painting and am very good at it not to brag. I like to scrap book too , but I need a few more things to make my scrap books look better.
    You see I am a perfectionist in my painting and scrapbooking. I have taken an old welcome bear I painted years ago and redid it all you would not know it was a used set of bear and clothes, I sold it for $130.00 . Since then we have moved and have not had space for a kitchen table or I would be painting instead of typing here.

    My life moves around my family, my daughters and grandchildren, my mom and a few friends that still keep in touch.

    I didn't know I was talking too much.
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Your apple crisp sounds delicious. Probably be good on ice cream though
    perhaps not so nutritious.

    Have you ever seen rosemahling? (Google rosemahling photos for
    examples). It is Norwegian decorative painting on wood.

    I don't think Jam meant you were talking too much. I think she was
    surprised you had the energy and determination to post w/ all your
    medical problems.

    I saw some watering cans at a nursery decorated w/ painted flowers.
    I suppose that was tole painting, right?

  7. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Sorry I get my feelings hurt very easily. I don't want to talk to my family or friends about my medical problems, all it does is upset them. So here is the only place I have to vent or tell some one how bad I feel. I do tend to talk alot in real life too. I just wanted some one to talk with that would not judge me becasue I ache all the time and there is nothing on the out side that shows the reason for my pain. Then there is the pain meds I take , just talking aobut trying to get help to pay for them upsets my middle daughter alot. So I talk about those problems here. I am sorry if it upsets or bothers people.

    I have several books on rosemahling , I have tried to do it but it is harder than it looks. I have painted several gavlinized buckets and made them into popcorn buckets, I painted several different ones. They had every thing from Bunnies and rabibits, what ever I oculd find to use for a pattern. My friend of many years still uses the popcorn bucket that I made for her.

    Some of the watering cans that have flowers on them are tole painted , if they have stylized painting that does not look just like the flowers that is closer to the rosemahling. If the flowers look like flowers then it is told painted.

    I enjoy painting as I can get lost in it. When I am paintaing some thing I really want to get done the pain does not matter I just paint and the pain does not matter. But I don't have a kitchen table up yet so I have not been able to paint for a while.
    Thanks for taking time to read my posts and let me talk.
    IF I knew how to put photos on I would show you some of the things I have painted but I don't know how to do that or even where to post it.
    ~HUGS~ to all
  8. rosemarie

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    Thanks for your posts. We all have to deal with this in what ever way works for us. I am working on touching up my skin , But when your home alone all day , with out a car or friends to do things with I have found it helps me to talk about how I feel.

    I vent too much about my DH he is a hard worker and does all that he can to help me out. I just get irratated at times at the situation we are in. But that is my problem and I will work it ou t. Thank you again. I still love to paint but need a kitchen table to do so, I have many projects that I want to get done. May be if I was albe to paint I would not feel the need to talk so much here.

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