Hurtin Ribs!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BeachWalkr, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Hi everyone! I'm new here and y'all are God sends! I have lots of health issues (my profile tells the tale) but right now I would like to know if any other FM'rs have intense rib right rib cage pain unbearable, it hurts terribly to sit, ride in a car, lay down, move period! Now, the pain has spread to the middle of my chest and in to the left rib cage. It also feels like my chest is in a vise.. OH and ladies,in reply to prev posts.. no bra here!! LOL

    I have had chest wall inflammation for years, but this is so much worse and has lasted for over 5 mos now. I've had my ribs x-rayed with normal results, but my doc says the muscles don't show in an x-ray and he feels the pain and discomfort (that's puttin it mildly!)is from the fibro. All I know is my rib cage pain and middle back pain are driving me crazy and messin with my quality of life even more!

    I also have MS (well, the MRI showed MS plaque in my spinal cord and deep white matter scartterings in my brain, whatever that means) and my vision is blurred much of the time now.. I have loss of vision field in both eyes and am no longer able to drive..BUMMER! Anyone else have info on this vision prob?

    Thanks in advance for any and all responses.. God bless you all as we battle our way thru this daggone stuff! Keep smilin, and remember...HUGS ARE HEALING!! .. Sue
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    Hi Sue.

    type in boswellia complex in the search messages and it will bring up a post of mine in which my doc put me on boswellia helped immediately and i've only used it again this week when i felt some pain in chest.

    other interesting reading on posts from others.

    hope this assists in getting rid of some pain.

    take care
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    Thank all of you who responded to my post.. I've tried the pressure point release and it helped temp, but the pain came back after a few mins. My doc just put me on Ultram .. is anyone else on this med and does it work at all? I start taking it tomorrow. Hope it helps cause this pain is awful right now. God bless you all .. sleep well :)
    Sue in FL