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    Hi everyone. Sorry haven't been on board recently but life pretty hectic. I just got back Saturday from Long Island where my youngest son Bryon, age 28, got married. It was beautiful but cold weather. It did rain a little during the ceremony so the bride and groom will have good luck in their marriage. During the reception when my son danced with his bride, I just cried my heart out. I was so happy that he had finally found his one true love. now both of my sons are happily married.

    Now onto the hurtin. During the night of the rehearsal I was coming down the stairs of the inn and my knee gave out, my right shoe heel caught on the stairs and I went flying through the air (not with the greatest of ease however) and I fell on my left knee bruising it pretty bad and seem to have done something to my right foot. It hurts and is black and blue and swollen in places. Thank goodness that I have my annual physical tomorrow, so my doctor can check it out. I just hope no damage has been done. I have enough problems handling the cold weather around here and being able to just function. Recently I had a different type of cortisone shots in both knees and it seems to be helping with the osteoarthritis.

    Hope everyone is well. LaVada
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    Congrats on the marriage of your son. I'm sure it was a very emotional (happy) time for you.

    I'm sure your ankle - foot - will take a while to heal but will be fine just have it checked out at your yearly.

    Next comes grandchildren!!

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    That is great that your son found someone to love and is so happy. My son is 33 and just now having a romance. He was so involved in getting his business off the ground, I don't think he saved any time for looking around!

    It is certainly a big pain when we have additional pain added to what we "are used to". Hope your knee isn't seriously damaged and that you feel better real soon. I'm glad to hear that the cortisone shots are helpful for your knees. They haven't done a darn thing for my neck unfortunately.
    Take good care of that knee.
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    I went for my physical yesterday. Nothing serious with knee or ankle. Just need to let both heal. Swelling has gone down.

    Bummer thought though: Doc told me that since I weighed in at 198 and am 6 foot tall that she felt that I should lose 20 pounds. I told her that I had been at 177 before and that it wasn't a healthy weight for me. Also told her that meds don't help with weight gain. I have been as high as 205 2 months ago and feel pretty good that I have gotten down to 197. Mypsychiatrist and therapist are encouraging me to eat more often since Ihave the tendency to forget to eat. I eat healthy foods and in small portions. I and my therapist agree that the BMI charts based only on height and weight should be "banned" since it doesn't portray an accurate picture of an individual.

    I guess that I am sick and tired of pedople thinking that to be healthy that one needs to lower ones weight all the time. I am not obese and I am not overweight by 20 pounds. I work hard at eating properly. I may not get as much exercise as I should but recently everything has either hurt like the dickens or my depression has been really bad. My meds don't help always in great loss of weight but I would never give them up since they help me to function.

    I guess enough ranting on for now. I really di enjoy my son's wedding. The best part was the song he and his wife picked out for us to dance to: Kenny Rodgers Through The Years. I cried all the way through it and my son just kept holding me and telling me that every word of the song was how he feels about me. For those of you who don't know, I lost full custody of him and his older brother when he was 3 years old. I rarely got a chance to see him grow up on a daily basis, but I always made sure that he and his brother knew that I loved them and would never desert them even though everyone else kept telling them that when they were younger. It just makes me happy to know that I did have a wonderful, positive effect on his growing up and that he feels that I never deserted him. Lavada
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