Hurting big time today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pammy52, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    Just need to cry out to those who understand.
    I woke up hurting from head to toe today. Rate it as a 9 on
    my 1-10 scale.
    Woke up for the second day in a row with horrible leg cramps. Also so tired I could just cry from that!!!
    Have today off from work thankfully but am angry that instead of being able use the day for some homechores or
    a trip to the store I just am searching for a way to dull the pain. Do have some pain meds on hand but know I will
    have to take a dose that knocks me out and then no guarantee
    I will wake up any better.
    Actually slept for 4 hrs in a row last nite. If it isnt one
    thing with this DD its 5!!!!!!
    Thanks for being out there to vent to.
  2. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I'm sorry you are having a painful day. Try not to worry about all the things you aren't able to do today, and just take care of yourself.

    My doc has me on Ultracet, which when I am not in a flare, takes the edge off. I have vicoden for when I am in a flare, but sometimes even it doens't help much.

    I've started taking supplements for my horrid leg cramps and for sleep. Have just started with this type of treatment and am hopeful for positive results.

    I'll keep you close in my thoughts today and pray for a better tomorrow.

    Oh yeah!, I use ice on my calves and sometime it works much better for me than heat.

    Many gentle hugs,

  3. Lexied

    Lexied New Member

    I just wish I could take all your pain away! I read your post and I can remember so many times feeling the same way. Being in pain all the time seems to rob you of the joy in your life doesn't it? I don't know HOW you are working like that!! I can't even imagine it. I can understand though that it's probably a necessary thing for you and it breaks my heart. Have you filed for disability? I'm sorry if that is too personal but I just want to help. Do you have someone to help you with housework? If you don't I wouldn't worry at all about the house... you need to REST today and take care of yourself!! I know it isn't much, but I will be praying for you ... I hope you feel better and get the help you need!!

    Love - Lex
  4. fonda

    fonda New Member


    Sorry you are having a bad day....I am hurting very much today too.

    I am trying to get some things done around the house that I have been putting off for a long time. But, have to take a break.

    I haven't taken a nap today! I probably slept 2 hours last night.

    You are lucky you have something to take for pain. My doctor will only give me something if I am going on a trip.

    I am so depressed.....not that you need to hear this, but I think we are in the same boat today!

    If you or anyone else has any words of incouragement, I would
    be happy to hear from you!

  5. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I'm so sorry you are having such a bad day. I thought I would just share what has helped me a lot.
    A dancer friend of mine (Who was 54 and still teaching dance) told me about Aloe Vera juice. She drank a glass a day and said it really helped her aches and pains.
    I started drinking it every day and wow, what a difference! It has helped my bone pain, fibro, intestinal distress, acid reflex etc.... I cannot believe it.
    I fill a glass about the size if a Manhatten glass about 2/3 and then add a splash of Snapple or regular juice. I get my Alor Vera Juice at Walgreens or Walmart. They have superior brands. Just be sure that it is cold pressed and has no additives. This is just a thought. You might want to check with our health practitioner.
    Keep up the good work . Remembeer, you are not alone. We are out here supporting you.
  6. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    I am feeling better this evening and just logged on to see
    what everyone is up to here.
    Thanks so much for your kind words,thoughts and suggestions.
    I didnt take anything for the pain today except a comfy
    seat in my recliner and a couple of movies.
    Wrote in my journal and unloaded my anger there.
    Actually felt up to grilling outdoors and had a nice
    relaxing dinner with my honey.
    Pain is down from 9 to 4-5 and fatigue is about the same.
    fonda...I am sorry its a rough day for you too. Hope you
    are doing better this evening. Pain meds are a godsend sometimes and I am sorry that you dont have something on hand for when you just cant deal. You are in my thoughts and
    lexied..I do have a wonderful man who is very understanding and supportive. I do not feel ready to go the disability route and hope to not have to. I am very proactive at this
    point with diet changes,exercise and getting together a list of supp. to try.
    kim...used my hand held heat/massage gizmo on my legs. It helped and just giving in to having a bad day did too.
    Adl123....Have heard of aloe vera juice before and maybe I will give it a try. Going to give new supp. a chance for now.
    Bless you all.....Pammy
  7. smokingun35

    smokingun35 New Member

    Hi Pammy..I am so sorry as I know what you mean. Yesterday and today were terrible for me. I have 2 boys that I have coached ball teams for over the past few years and now I have to turn them down when they ask because the Bad days have begun to outnumber the Good and it really stinks ! Especially, like you said, on a day off that you could otherwise possibly enjoy, if it were not for the terrible pain. I just found out I probably have Fibro after having every other test known to man over the last 6 or so yrs. I guess my syptoms just got to the point this year of being noticeable from head to toe, and now I have to wait 4 weeks for my apptmnt. with an Arthritis Dctr to tell me what he thinks. Fun--Fun..Hurry up and Wait seems to be the answer I've gotten for years. Anyway, I hope you have an Amazingly Pain Free day Tommorrow and if you have any advice for a New Fibro Patient I would listen greatfully ! Scott