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    (Fm,Severe tmj, past chronic sinus infection that was cleared up, paincausing Denture)

    I awoke with a nasty headache two days ago. Back of the head, the left side and top of head, Not always all places. I have had bad facial pain with the tmj and head pain also. I started having sensitivities on both sides of my bottom jaw yesterday. Got bad enough today, I went and had 2 xrays. On my left side, very bad decay going down to the the nerve, but no abcess. On the right side, tooth I had rebuilt with posts in October has bad decay below the filling, Can't figure out how? He gave me antibiotics and pain killers and will see me next week. I won't take the painkillers and I am not sure about the antibiotics. Just found out about candida. The problem is, I can't tell what is going on, and wether I need antibiotics or not. This is what is going on.

    I still have the head pain, it is all the time now and it hurts like hell. Both my tmj hinges hurt, the left one is very stiff also. My face hurts worse than normal, more on the left side. All thru the cheek and around the eye. My teeth do not hurt (amazing!!)but my tootless top gum dose). On the right side of my gum (denture) it is irritated and hurts to the touch for the first time. I started with a mild head cold 2 weeks ago. My nose is stuffed but breathable. Mostly clear to some dirty looking secretions. Blowing my nose alot. The humidity level was 35 a few days ago. Started the humidifier 2 days ago. Now at 50. The humidifier was shut down before wet. My husband got new filters for it and cleaned it out with dawn and hot water and put the germ killing stuff in it. Part of me wonders if it is from the humidifier. I know my tmj hurts like hell now, and I want to blame it on that. I don't want to take antibiotics unless I absolutely have to. First, Candida, second I have a real thing about pills (sensitivities, if there are side affects to be found, I'll find them.) So I am stuck and do not know what to do. I know I cleared my chronic sinus infection not with antibiotics (cipro) but with hot packs 4 times a day, my sinuse's opened and all this yellow yuck came out and I was cleared. Had a follow up catscan in October, it was fine. It was on the right, not the left. I know I feel like I have a severe case of the flu, but I have been feeling fluey to begin with. I called the dentist back about the head pain, and he didn't think it was from the tooth. But he is also the guy that talked me into a denture knowing I had bony protrusions on my gum. I need surgery to remove them so I can have a denture that will fit with out pain. I normally run a low grade temp in the evening and I am normal? Also my normally screwed up gut, is now sicker.

    My friends do you have any ideas for me. I would so greatly appreciate anything, cause I am at a loss. I am going to put some ice on my tmj joints tonight. Thanks alot everyone for caring.

    Love, Deb
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    I know how you must feel right now and I wish so much that I had some advice for you. I have had some bad teeth too that caused me alot of pain and its one of the worst pains that anyone has to go through. I hope that you get to feeling better and I wish I could give some help but I have no idea. I just want you to know that you will be in my prayers and I hope that you feel better real soon.

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    Thank you for your caring thoughts. It is amazing how you can feel somewhat better, just knowing some one understands and care's about you!. Love, Deb

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    I just don't understand ,you say you are hurting and all that other stuff is going on and yet you don't want to take the pain meds,They may help you get a better handle on all that is going on and give you some relief so that you could think more clearly as to what may be a better route for you to take.I feel so bad for you,but I don't understand ,when there are so many here that can't get pain meds and then you get them but won't take then. Sometime when we are in so much pain the pain takes over and you just can't think straight. I'm not saying you should take them all the time if you feel so strongly against them but just so you may be able to feel better and some of this stuff clears up. .I hope you don't take this the wrong way as my heart goes out to you.I just really don't understand. God Bless Danisue
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    I don't blame you for the confusion. I have four reasons that stop me from taking pain things. An ignornant doc gave me xanax, never told me about addiction. Over 6 years in order to get relief for anxiety I went from 4 doses a day to two so I could get a bigger dose. I never knew I was addicted, till I went into detox. I wish I was still on them and still ignorant. The post withdrawal syndrome I suffered with was horrendous and lasted for a very long time.

    The second reason was I was living on advil and tylenol 3 or 4 times a day. Couldn't function off of it, seemed the more I took the more I got a rebound affect. So I stopped that a year ago. Couldn't of been to good for the liver. I had a high tolerance, but it has dwindled to to little.

    The third reason, I have only taken codien #2 and #3. On a half of #2 it did nothing, a full #2 had my head whirling and a#3 put me to sleep. I tried that years back for toothache pain.

    The fourth being my stomache, it is not good on a daily basis. I have ibs and idigestions and burning pressure all the time. I believe it is candia.

    Yes, god knows how much I would like relief. But I am also scared. I don't ever want to go thru what I did with the xanax withdrawal. I went from 4 to 3 mg of xanax on my own. In detox they took me from 3 mg to O just like that. They kept pumping librium into me to get my blood pressure down, when it bottomed out they sent me home with nothing. That is when the fun began.

    Please don't think I against other people taking meds, cause I am not. Maybe it has just become a mental thing.
    I did counciling for the anxiety and it worked, but it is still here with pills of any kind. I am also sensitive with side affects

    Hope that clears the confusion, I don't know, maybe you have to be here in my head to understand. But I am not sure I understand it all myself. Thanks for your concern.Love, Deb
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    I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I went to the dentist last week to have filling replaced right where my TMJ hurts worse (jaw tooth) It took the dentist 3 rounds of shots to deaden the nerve enough to work on that filling and I could still feel him drilling but didn't say anything.
    Well I had a terrible flare when I came home.
    I used hot and cold packs alternating back and forth.
    I have been told before that hot tea bags draw the pain out and I have tried this before (a little messy) The nurse said that the caffeine draws the pain out. She said to hold the warm tea bag over the jaw for 15mins.
    I know this type of pain is horrible! I wish I could help you more but I have had a terrible time with TMJ myself. I catch myself grinding my teeth from fms pain all the time.
    Good luck to you, Vicky
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    talking to the doc about what happenned with the xanax and so he/she can help you with the meds now to keep you safe? I am not a fan of docs but one thing I have learned is that we train people how to treat us and that includes our docs. If you are in pain then you can't think clearly and make good decisions for yourself. You deserve to be treated better than that:) You are sufferring unnecessarily. If nothing else has helped, maybe you need the antibiotics. The yellow mucous makes me suspicious. I suffer alot from sinus infections and that is one of my main signs. The main thing for you is to be able to make an informed decision regarding YOUR body. I hope you talk to your doc. Wishing you well. teawah
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    I used a ice pack on the jaw, and slept with a heat pack on the back of my head that came around to the ears. The pain is not as bad this morning. Maybe it is just muscle spasms.
    I will try the tea bag thing.

    About doc's. I have had this doc for over a year. He is very caring and takes the time to sit with you. The only thing he has offered is advil. He believes if I could leave my marriage that everything will improve. I haven't seen him for a long time because of his attitude. I need to get a new doc, one that will work with you. I know stress certaintly makes things worse, but is not causing the fibro. It was his nurse practioner that believed me about fibro and hypothroid, dysautonomia and candida, but only cause I came in with all the printouts.

    Thanks for you for caring and for your kind words.
    Love, Deb
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    You HAVE to take the antibiotics. You've got clear symptoms of sinus and/or oral infection(s). Anything other than clear or white secretions are indicative of infection.

    Second, take the pain pills and find some relief. Period.

    Hope you feel better. dolsgirl