hurts to hold my baby...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monicaz49, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    i have a 1month old. i hurts to hold him....arms and hands ache. :(
    how awful is that.
    not to mention sometimes im sooo tired i cant stand waking up holding him and feeding him.
    any other mothers out there with a lil one?
    im single......but i do have family support.

  2. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    I have a 6 week old grand baby and I know all about the pain. I know its not the same but I do feel your pain. Good luck and just love that little one the best you can!!
  3. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I was very ill to, and the neuropathy in my arms was not easy with a colicky baby. Then the magic happened. 10 weeks old, she started to sleep longer, fall asleep easier. It gave me enough to recoup some.

    The first 3 months are rough, it will ease up eventually. Stick to a routine, "bedtime" time, do the same thing every evening. Count how many hours per 24 hours baby is awake, this will help you figure the wake hours between naps so you know when sleeping for the night will start.

    I spent hours bouncing on the corner of my bed, the only thing that would calm her somewhat, I had to do it hard too! Good heavens, I was a wreck. It will pass before you know it!!
  4. Kayleen

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    I have two grand babies that I keep quite often. I'm having trouble keeping them lately. My arms and legs hurt so bad the next day it kills me. Have you tried proping a blanket under your arm to help support your arms when your in a chair? I'm glad you have family to help you.
  5. baanders

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    Call the local community college and get a nursing or education student to live with you at least part time. You can give them free room and board, etc. Have you thought of seeing a psychiatrist or a pain mananagement dr? I don't know which is best for you. I don't want you to suffer from post-partum depression.

    Maybe you could ask your family to work out a schedule.

    God bless you, sweetie.
  6. MomE0512

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    When my arms and hands hurt too much to hold my little guy when he was a newborn, I would put his boppy on the bed, put him in the center of it so that his head was resting on the top middle, his back and bum in the center hole, and legs out the bottom. Then I would lay down next to him and feed him his bottle. After that I would snuggle with him by laying my head on the boppy next to his, and stroking his tummy.

    A suggestion I never tried was a baby sling, but that could also be an option for you.