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    Hi, I'm pretty new to the boards and this is my first week of not working 10 hr days, so I miss a lot of posts.
    But, I wanted to tell you that we sound kinda like clones. I had an EMG done on Jan. 6th and wondered if I were the only one who seemed to have lasting effects. I didn't have much bruising, but was really sore an achy. And, out of no-where the test spots would seem to itch, I would, not thinking scratch them and oh gosh the pain. I'm still having this happen. It's random, but there. And, it seemed to put me into a flair. (I have CFS) I still hurt as well. I also wiped out on the test. Dr. stopped to get me some water and asked if I felt I could continue. I was white, shaking like a leaf and sweating/shivering all at the same time. The ones in my hands were the worse, oh and one in my foot when he asked me to bend my toes. He did both arms, legs and shoulders. Never again. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Hugs, Lendi