Husband diagnosed yesterday and already overwhelmed

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    My husband was obviously sick for months, rapidly losing 50 pounds over about a 3-4 month period. I couldn't get him to go to the doctor until he was literally skin and bones with no muscle left whatsoever on his body.
    He was diagnosed on Thursday with diabetes, he is 48 years old, 6'1" and 150 pounds now. Doc gave the diagnosis and a quick lesson on the meter, handed over a few papers and a prescription for Metformin. She told him to stick to 1500 calories per day until I said "No Way he needs to gain weight back" so she told him 2000 calories per day but didn't tell us how many carbs, sugars, whatever would be a good target for him. Just said to keep a food diary and testing diary to bring back in 2 weeks.
    I've been researching for 2 straight days and am more confused than ever. I've limited his carbs and fats to around 100 both days but have no idea if he can have more or not. My 2 biggest concerns are:
    1. How many carbs can he have per day?
    2. Without getting too many carbs and too much fat, what can he eat to try to get more weight on? Can someone suggest a food or two? He is exhausted and just a pile of bones and skin.
    I'm so confused by all this, he is upset and angry and not really wanting to deal with it himself right now but is willing to have me deal with it for the time being while he gets used to the idea and the huge change this will be on his lifestyle.
    His numbers are between 320 and 380 with every test. Advice, support, ideas, all welcome. Thank you.
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    Welcome to the board. Hubby is lucky to have your help and support.

    You may also want to post on the diabetes board. Might find folks who are
    familiar with w/ all the significant numbers.

    If you get tired of talking about these DDs (darned diseases), you can visit
    the chit chat board to discuss more fun topics like kids, pets, TV, books, etc.

    If hubby is depressed, he might want to visit the depression board.

    Good luck

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    Thank you for the welcome and the suggestions. I apologize if I posted in the wrong spot. I thought this *was* the diabetes board as I got here by googling "diabetes chat". I read a number of threads pertaining to diabetes so I guess I was originally at that board but ended up at this one after registering as a user!
    Anyway, I'll check it out (if I can find it!)
    Thanks :)