HUSBAND HAVING 48 hr AMBULATORY EEG...pray for good outcome pls

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    Hell AGain everyone!
    I know some of you read my other post which included Hubbys Siezure issues and how hes acting wierd lately.
    Monday they will hook him up to an ambulatory (meaning he can walk around with it on) EEG for 48 hours. Im HOPING nothing shows otherwise its time to start finding a new Seizure drug for him. We have only been thru three and this one that he is on now has done great for almost two yrs thank the Lord. But since Im going with my gutt feeling and I found out he was hiding the fact that he had an aura about a week or so ago and never told me (id like to shake some sense into him), I called his Epileptologist and well he feels its necessary...SO DO I. Actually his Doc wants him in Hospital for a 96 hour video EEG but it will take a few weeks for that to happen. Problem is at the hospital (hes had this done already) its five straight days of sleeping and eating and less stress so to both of us the AMbulatory one is better because he is home where the stress is with 4 kids and regular day to day stuff. Hes been getting more rest because i put my foot down about him turning the tv off at night and going right to bed. Cant do anything about the two jobs cuz we are in dire straights financially and we dont have a choice. (lack of sleep and stress will cause the seizures) WHat scares me is that he can be in his car and have with every seizure his short term memory disability gets worse and worse (he suffers mild brain damage from his car accident that left him dead when he was almost 18 and then in a coma). When I first met hubby you could abrely notice his short term memory they are really prevelant especially when hes tired and his comen sense thinking is way off...His neuro said its all from his brain injury years ago (hes 36 now).

    thanks for listening. Thanks for your prayers.
    Pray for the best outcome please and that God will shake some sense into him and make him start taking care of himself better...we argue over this all the time because he does NOT take his Seizure disorder seriously (which only started 3 yrs ago Valentines day...our 6 month anniversary and 1st Valentines Day as a married couple).
    This is all so new to us and I fear everyday when he walks out that door.

    HUGS! God bless all of you.

    anyway, please prya that nothing shows ad hes fine...otherwise the state will take his license AGAIN for a year...the last time that happened the stress on me was so bad and I was so sick all the time...4 kids, a job and hubbys 2 jobs and being the ONLY driver in the house will just really stress me out.

    Thanks for your prayers.
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    I will pray for your hubby, that there is a good outcome from his EEG and that he starts to take his health problems seriously.

    Love, Pepper
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    How is your husband after the EEG? I didn't have time to post to tell you I had him and all of you in my prayers.
    Hang in there and stay strong in Christ.
    Take Care
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    Prayers for your husband and family. So much to face and so scary. May the good Lord hold your hand.