Husband is home for the hospital and I am flaring like crazy

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    I picked my husband up from the hpsoital this morning. And he is doing so much better , he was told that he needed a new moniter for his blood sugars as the old was not reading the numbers right .And it would make it seem like he had a lower blood sugar than he really did.
    Then we went to Walmart and he went in a bought a new moniter and I hope that it works better for him.
    I don't know why it is but he can frusterate me so much that I just want to smack him.l

    Friends have asked me why I was not spending hours at the hospital and I would tell them that my hubby din't want me there to baby sit him and sit there doing nothing. It made him feel all wound up like he had to entertain me. But what pissed me off was the comment from him that his friends had told him that I had said that a nurse had would not let me in to see him.

    And what I said was that the Nurse's wanted to know why my vistis were so short and I told them that HE {HUSBAND} didn't want me sitting there doing nothing and it irrates him to feel like he has a baby sitter. And I told him I had not ever said that any nurse told me not to visit him or that they would not let me in.

    But it made me feel better to stay with him but as it irrates him to have me in the room as I might ask a question that he does not think I should be asking.

    HE does not want me to knowwhat is blood sugars are or how to use the meter or any thing that pertains to his diebites. I know that he does not feel good and I don't want to bug him while he is ill but it would have made me feel better to have stayed there more than I did. But it really pisses me off that he hears one thing and twists it around to what he thought I had said ,he takes it and just makes up what he thinks I said so now this story he has made up from bits and peices of things I had said .Now his version of what he thought I had said is now the truth and I am wrong.

    I want to smack him up side his head. When he does this, I asked him what types of food did he need to eat and I got this responcse that "When I buy it and bring it home I will go over what i have boughten and let you know all about how we need to eat. And that makes me mad to as I want to know what he REALLY SHOULD BE EATING --- NOT WHAT TE THINKS IS GOOD FOR HIM. And then he left out the door to go to the doctors and fill out some paper work for a pump and then he was going to go to the store and talk to the diebtic dietitan with out me being there so once again HE IS IN TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYTHING CONCNERING HIM.

    We talked aboaut that he was going to go to work tomorrow and the guy he car pols with was going out of town. So I said that I only needed the car on thrusday and he could drive it the other days. I have a pain doctors appointment on thursday and he automaticly says I don't have to be told that you have that doctors appointment < I always know when you have them.

    I said you are the one telling me that I am telling you about this appointment and all I was doing was telling you that you could take the car as it is cheaper to drive then his suberuen. I said nothing about my doctor. And then he is on a kick about my doctor and my meds. "I have enough money for the appointment for thrusday but the meds will have to wait till friday. And I said I really need 1 med on thrusday . "The one's that your taking to many of them.
    And I lost it and got my pills out and showed him that all the Narcotic pain meds I had not just this months but last months there as well so I am not %$^#& taj=king to many pills and the one med I needed is my soma as they shorted me 2 days worth of pills.

    But I didn't count then when I got them a month ago at the store.But when I got out to my car I did and I was short the 8 pills and wennt right back in .

    I had only been gone 5 minutes and they counted them and didn't get the right amount as I knew they would not but some how they still thoght that I had counted wrong and or I had taken some to show them that I was short. And I didn't do that and I am still 8 pills short.

    All it did was ittate me and the pharmacy tech. I have had this happen before and it is always off by just a few pills no more than 10 missing and it happenes on days when I bring the scripts in to be filled and the pharmacy is packed and they get over worked and count faster than they should and don't recount.

    They have qucikly counted my pills so it must mean that I have taken them. RIGHT WRONG. I get irratated so easily that I want to scream that I am right and it is only 8 flippen pills not like I am missing 100 pills and it is OK to tell me that they don't have the whole amount and put a note on the bottle and then I am short and when I go to pick them up I get the funniset looks like weren't you just in here and I should them the paper that I was given so that makes everything fine. I don't get it.

    So now I am just stressed out and upset that I get no respect from the hubby and I am mad at that and i feel like i should give him a break as he has been so sick but I am too tired of his twisting what I say and making up some thing totally differemt amd not any where close to what I had said. CAn't he just listen to me and really hear me. DO I need to get hm some hearing aids as he is deaf?

    Why am I the person that is always wrong in everyting and I get so up set about the dumbest things that it makes things worse. And the more stressed I become the worse I hurt and don't feel good. I still haev a sore thraot and have lost my voice so he can't hear me when I am talking to him so I will go and make him look at me to see what I am saying to him.

    So mnow I feel like crap and upset because of what he said adn I feel guilty for being so angry with hima s he has been so sick but then he does not help me out or wait on me hand and foot when I am sick ,but when it is him that is sick he wants every thing right now for him and it better be what he wanted right then and there or he is mad at me for not paying attention to his phone calls ,

    So now I am in pain and in tears all from what he siad and how he acts and you would htink that after being married for 25 years that this would not upset me BUT IT DOES and drives me NUTS > TOO>
    Thanks for letting me vent and whine.

    Me and my body are going to crash now as I just h urt too much adn can't deal with any thing right now and I am sorry of I sound like he is the wrost husband in the world he just does not listen to what I say and since he didn't listen he will twist what he did hear making up the rest of the story. It just make s me so make at him.

    Thanks ,

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    What pretty name you have. Very nice!

    It seems like you are having a rough time. Sometimes when you are in a lot of pain, anything other people do can get on your nerves so easily. Your husband not letting you help him with purchasing a new monitor would be nervewracking.

    I don't blame you a bit for not sitting at the hospital doing nothing but watch him be sick. you need to take care of yourself also. There wasn't a thing you could have done for him, you would probably just get aggrevated. I know, I get really aggrevated when I hurt. Don't even let yourself feel bad about it, it's not worth the energy wasted.

    That is just awful about the pharmacy. It looks like that as much as medicines costand the time spent at the doctor's to get them, they could at least give you the correct amout of pills! Jeez, there is no excuse for that. I guess you should make them count the pills out to you next time!

    Rosemarie I pray you are feeling better and have gotten some relief from your pain!!!!!Sending you gentle hugs!!!!

    Take Care!

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    somtimes it takes the heart attack if they live through it ot realize they need to take care of their diets...

    i kept telling the father in law you can't eat that fat off from the steak or use margine....he said it's my sugar that is bad not my cholestrol...hmmm

    his artery was 90% blocked had a double bypass at the age of 52...not really that overweight at all...

    he just wasn't eating well..skipping bre3akfst and meals...then wait till late at night to eat...

    they have diabetes recipe books out there...

    south beach diet i belive is great for him as well...

    i understand your frustration...

    sleep andd take care of you for now...


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