Husband is SKEPTIC I desparately need advice

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    OMG I need to see an LLMD. I have searched and searched. The recommendations in my area do not take insurance. Is this usual? Even if you go to a doctor that takes insurance is it worth it? (Since treatments are not seen by ins co as typical).

    So the choices I have are to continue to see my LLMD "friendly" dr. He is trying to help me get my body (gut dysbiosis) ready for the rigors of lyme tx.

    Go to an LLMD (that doesn't seem to treat *that* many Lyme patients) Once they mentioned chelation my dh flipped, yet he likes that he takes our insurance.

    Go to a naturopath that charges $250 an hour and get started on herbal protocol. Once I do this I supposedly will get in quicker to see an LLMD that is good but also does not take insurance. This LLMD has a huge wait list and I am still #125 after 6 months of being on the list.

    WTF I am thoroughly frustrated. I am too frickin sick to research everything, plus I am extremely tired and busy trying to do a behavioral modification program with my dh for our son with autism (6 yo energizer bunny). Plus do advocacy for ds and take him to therapies.

    My dh thinks that I should wait til a cure is found! WHAT! I hate my life i hate not being able to do the things I need to do on a daily basis.

    I make a to-do list and usually end up doing nothing except the autism stuff. I'm usually too tired to grocery shop or cook. I am on a special diet and that makes it harder.

    Is there any basic knowledge to explain the politics quickly to my dh. He doesn't get it.

    I have to sleep every frickin day and I HATE IT!

    At this point I am stuck not knowing what to do. Yes, money is an issue now.

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    Yes, it is usual for LLMD's not to take insurance. Insurance co's do not reimburse them because they do not follow the crazy IDSA guidelines saying that you only need 4 weeks of antibiotics and then you are cured.

    A good LLMD is worth his weight in gold, especially if you recover.

    You can often get a receipt from them and try sending it in to your insurance co.

    Mine only takes cash or checks, no credit cards.

    A Dr who does not follow ilads guidelines for providing long term treatment will not really be able to help you recover.

    It is imperitive that you have a good LLMD who is able to decide if you have co-infections too, and properly treat them, if you want to recover...and I know you do.

    I really empathize with you....there are no easy answers with lyme. It is a travesty that we can't get proper payment for our treatment through our insurance co''s all about money.

    Did you happen to know that lyme can be transmitted from mother to fetus and has been linked to some cases of autism? I wll send you a couple websites.....

    Remember you are not alone in your struggles.

    I don't think anyone but you can decide where to go from here.

    I only waited 2 weeks for my first LLMD appt. It's hard to imagine having to wait so long to get in.

    I'll be thinking about you. Take it one step at a time.

    take care.
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    Well, my two cents are that you should find a good LLMD quickly and don't even bother with the LLMD "friendly" guy.

    I have been sick for 20 years. My husband about crapped his pants when I went to Atlanta (6 hours away) to the Fibro and Fatigue Center. They did not take insurance, but I had to go. I have lost 3 jobs because I can't go to work and be dependable, and my husband gets upset with me when I have to nap on the weekend and I can't do stuff with him. So, I bit the bullet and went. (They found my Lyme.)

    The first time I went to Atlanta, I went by myself. That made him realized that I was seriously ill and I was desperate to get better. He has since changed his tune, and he is going with me in two weeks to PA, to see our LLMD.

    And, your son could be suffering from Lyme as well. My daughter is 6 and she has my lyme. She is having trouble in school with dyslexia and concentration. We are all going to PA to be treated.

    And with the healthcare stuff coming into play, we better get all the medical help we can get now, while it is available because I think before too long, we will be in trouble!!