Husband Not Doing Well

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    Six years ago I answered an ad over the internet and met the man who was to become my husband. We emailed back and forth for a couple of months before I found out that he was my brother's best friend who I had a crush on in high school. Both of us had moved away and yet I know that God planned for us to meet again. Because he knew hubby needed a gentle person who would care for him and love him.

    Two years ago hubby was diagnosed with Alzheimer but I suspect that he has had it longer. Anyway the gentle man I fell in love with has become at times a violent man. Last month he was in a psychiatric ward until medication could stablize him and then he was placed in a locked ward for people with Alzheimer. We were stranded in another State when all of this happened and there is no way I can now bring hubby home. So I am seriously thinking of emptying the house putting it up for sale and moving where he is.

    Tonight the place where hubby is at called and there was an incident so they took him to ER but the doctor of the psychiatric ward refused to admit hubby. So they took him back and are now going to try to get hubby in a psychiatric ward which is for the elderly. It is 120 miles from where hubby is now.

    Hubby's children are not involved at all and in fact we moved to be close to his children and his daughter has seen him three times in three years and his son twice. Because of the move to a big city my own son decided to move back with his father.

    I never expected to be dealing with something like this so early. My husband is only 57 years old. There is so much sadness and I am overwhelmed with all the decisions and paperwork that I have to go through. Not to mention all of the brick walls that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

    I know God is here with me now and without him I would be insane about now. But some days I am not sure I can survive another crisis. I am definitely standing in the need of prayer.

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