Husbands CoWorkers Husband Died Suddenly

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    Yesterday when my hubby got home from work he told me that his wrapper's(he's a meat manager at a local grocery store) husband tore his aorta & she had to leave to the hospital. I spoke to my sister at 7:00pm who was just leaving one of the 6 ER's in our city of over a million. She is an ER nurse. I told her what my hubby told me. She said 'Oh my God', and couldn't talk to me about it. I knew right there. She said it had been the worst shift of her life! This morning I learned he had died. Pretty weird coincidence, he turned out to be my sister's patient.
    She is a woman of 40 ish and has 2 teenagers. my stomach is in knots and I'm feeling so terribly for her, yet feeling so lucky that I have my dearest close to me today. My husband and I seem to finding a way to renew our relationship after 4 kids & my illness. We practically slept on top of each other last night just wanting to be so close. It's so sad it takes these kinds of reminders that you HAVE to value every minute with your loved ones. It saddens me to read posts of people in 'Foul' relationsships, as there really is NO reason for people to act in harmful ways towards our husbands, wives, children...and on... The way I did this was to be very clear & honest with my husband, as for the longest time I think I was hiding my illness from him. Men truely need alot of love and providing this to him no matter how sick I was made a huge difference.
    I'd really like to do something for this family. I'm so sick I haven't even left the house in a few weeks, but have appointments this week. Any ideas what might be suitable, and something I could handle????? That turned out a little long. I hope you all have a great day, and hug your loved ones. Your FM pal, Laura
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    what awful News! and just before christmas! You are 100% right about appreciating Loved ones you just never Know when it's the last day on Earth!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Praying for all.,,,,,,sydney
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this.....

    If you're feeling up to it, maybe you could make some phone calls and ask the co-workers to organize a meal plan to be delivered to the family for the next month.

    An added plus would be for each person who cooks or delivers a meal to add $10 or $20 because from what I've been told, accts are canceled (closed/pending) and sometimes widows don't even have enough cash to fill their car with gas.

    If someone could stop by and make sure they have bread, coffee, milk and some fruit to nibble on, that would help too.

    You don't have to be up to much to find ways to help someone in this situation. I can only think that ANY help at all would be appreciated.


    Nancy B