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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I just got home from the store and my house stinks sooo bad..

    My husband and his friend were cleaning guns while I was gone...

    I have only been home for a short time and I have a terrible headache...and my mouth is feeling weird...Like it is coated with that crap..and it burns a little..And my eyes feel funny...

    I have the windows open..but it is freezing..

    It has never smelled like this before...I asked him if he used something different...He said it was the same stuff but a different brand...

    It just seems like he sprayed it all through the house...But he does that in the basement..and the furnace is down there...so I'm sure it is going through the whole house...

    It is alot like the spray you can put on leather coats...Just nasty..

    Not sure what to do...I know I am going to leave for a while...but what about my house???

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  2. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Oh how I can relate...

    The stuff my husband uses smells nice tho...He does it IN the house, his gun shop connects to the front of the house so when he cleans them it def goes through the house...

    He uses G96 Gun treatment, comes in a can...He thinks your husband is using something else more potent(he just told me and I forgot, now he's with a customer so I won't ask him again)

    Maybe a scented candle downstairs and certainly open the windows to get the stink out...

    Our hubbies and their guns...Gotta luv 'em...If he is using something other than G96, go out and get him a can, next time you may actually like the smell...And he won't have to use so much, the stuff works well...

    Good Luck~Alicia
  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Me and my wonderful hubby have had a few disagreements about this, he now tries to do it when i'm not around, but i can always tell.

    I'll have to tell him about the G96, never heard of it.

    It'll go away after a bit. But i know how you feel!
  4. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    That stuff is a killer because of the solvents. There are alternatives. The brand my husband uses is Hoppy's. They have low odor cleaners and oils that I can tolerate.

    Another is Blue Wonder which does have a little ammonia but has won awards for being people and environment safe.

    On my list of worst chemicals for me to be around, the gun cleaners are at the top (along with asphalt roofing!).


  5. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I left for a while...I went to my in laws which is ususally full of smoke..Which is worse??

    I can still smell it..but not as bad...He said he had some stuff in the garbage and he took that out..So hopefully it will go away soon..

    I still think he used something different...he says he didn't...

    Glad I am not the only one to have to deal with this..LOL
  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I will mention this to him...Which I don't know if it will do me any good...but I will try..

    Men and their toys..

    Thanks for the suggestions..
  7. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Mine got it on his clothes and put them in the washer with some of my clothes (why is beyond my comprehension), and my clothes STANK for weeks. He cleans those guns at the worst times, like when we are expecting company which is not very often, but he has to do it right then, some time i think it is on purpose.

    Also our youngest daughter has her bedroom in the basement, right next to his "toy room", and she said the smell is unbearable, it got into her closet and ruined her clothes too.

    It has got to be the foulest most toxic odor I have ever smelled.

  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It makes me sick. It is probably on the top of my list for an automatic migraine. He thought he could go in his office and close the door and I would not smell it. I made him open the window to that room but it really doesn't help.
    I opened the trash can in the kitchen and choked. He had thrown the used rag there. This is so insensitive. He is going to have to go outside but the smell will still be on him.

    I am going to check his supplies and have him get what your DH are using. I hate to be sound like a b**** but it's my health and I can not help it.

    I never thought I would see this on this board. How amazing it is that we are so alike.
  9. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    I just checked Bass Pro Shops online and they have Hoppy's Elite Gun Cleaner and Hoppy's Elite Gun Oil (they say non-toxic on the label).

    Blue Wonder also says non-toxic and is available at some Wal-Marts, Bass Pro Shops, Midway USA and Cabelas.

    The dangerous stuff is petroleum distillates which are especially harmful to children, pets, and anyone with compromised liver function.

    Maybe they would make a nice present :)

  10. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks for the info...

    I know did you ever think this is what we would discuss on here???lOL

    But you know..I have felt so sick since I got home...Terrible headache...and now tonight I just feel sick to my stomach...

    It is PMS time..and smells bother me so bad...just like when I was pregnant...

  11. CarolK

    CarolK New Member



    But really... HOPPY'S is also really, really bad!! I smell it in the house for days... and the rags in the garbage can also stink up the whole kitchen too!! You can get "high" just walking into the room smelling that stuff!

    Gads... what if there was a connection to FM and years of smelling our husbands gun cleaner!!

    Well "Happy Hunting" ladies... hope you can help your hubbys find a stink free cleaner!!!!!!!

    blessings.... CarolK
  12. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    Hoppy's has many types of gun products. The particular brand name that I listed (Elite) is their non-toxic, no petroleum distillate formula.

    If your husband already uses Hoppy's products then maybe he won't mind switching to the non-toxic formulation.

    Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

  13. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    Didn't know they had a non-toxic formula... I stand corrected. Hope it smells better than the original formula.

    Thanks Jan...

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Outside or when I can open the doors and let the Florida breezes blow smells away. I just used silicon spray on the runners of the glass sliding doors to my lanai and it smells worse than anything I have yet to use.

    Love, Mikie
  15. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Carol, my hubby uses the hoppys brand too, and it smells awful!
    I guess we will have to enlighten them about the non-toxic stuff!!!
    Or, send them to Mikie to clean!!Ha HA!!(just kidding)

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