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  1. kingrt22

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    I just got back from seeing Dr. Lapp yesteday and he was wonderful!!!!!!!! If you have never heard of him he is a CF and FM specialist. He did a very in depth physcial and he also gave me my information for my disability in the same day. I have been suffering with this since 11/05 and I think im on the right track now with him. If anyone is intrested let me know and I will give you his number. Its at least a 2 - 3 month wait time to get in, but it is so worth it.
  2. nightngale

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    Glad you found someone. May I ask where you live? I am always looking for a good doctor as have had some bad luck with most. I'm happy for you. Let me know!

    Oh, I live in MD between DC and Annapolis. [This Message was Edited on 11/03/2007]
  3. deliarose

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    prescribed the usual bandaids....v. disappointing.

    Nice man. Nothing of substance to offer.

    Just my 2 cents.
  4. Kay31

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    I saw Dr. Lapp after hearing him speak at a Medical School in Connecticut.

    My consult was in that time I was looking for affirmation that I indeed had all the symptoms associated with CFIDS. His material was enlightening to a degree. Since I had to fly to NC and take a pricey flight, I can't afford to return.

    Check his name on the computer....I saw some current recent dialog he and a psychiatrist participated in with a radio host specializing in CFID. I think you'll find it interesting.


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