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    I have bone on bone Osteoarthritis in knees, the right being worse than the left. Ortho offered me Cortisone Injection or OrthoVisc, Hyaluronan, to replace Hyaluronic Acid in the joint.

    OrthoVisc used to come from Avian sources but now comes from Bacterial sources.(As do some Tetanus vaccines)

    I had a SEVERE reaction to a Tetanus shot back in 1970 and have never had any vaccines since, that is how severe it was. 40 years later, and a lot of reading later, I question if my response was due to the vaccine OR due to reason I got the vaccine. I was DEEPLY scratched by our cat, down the inside of my arm. It's possible I contracted Bartonella (cat scratch fever) which is related to Lyme. Never been checked for Bartonella.

    I am concerned about a reaction to the (Bacteria sourced OrthoVisc) and am wondering

    1. Has anyone had the OrthoVics shots?

    2. Did you have any negative/allergic type reactions?

    3. What was your outcome?

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    He mentioned knee replacement, if the pain was keeping me from living my life. I told him, even if I had ZERO pain in my knee (or anywhere for than matter), I still couldn't walk, sit upright without back/arm support, hold arms up to do hair, etc, due to weakness. Getting up from a chair is hard, getting from chair to kitchen to bed is tough. I think, for me, it's too much risk for an elective surgery with no chance for improved mobility, just pain relief. My hips are also very bad, as are my shoulders, ankles and feet. Am having a bone scan on my left foot tomorrow morning.

    I know a few people who had knee placement and all had good results. I could never do the required physical therapy or exercise if I did have it.

    He also offered Cortisone injection, I chose the OrthoVisc but am having second thoughts. I've read that 3 out of 4 have no improvement with the OrthoVisc, not great odds. I've had lots of Cortisone injections in hips, shoulders and they always helped.

    What I really need is a BODYOTOMY. Throw in my whole hand and take a new one!

    When is your hip replacement scheduled for? I wish you a speedy recovery and great improvement.

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