Hyaluronic Acid ?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here...Haven't even had a chance (felt good enough) to do my profile but suffer from FMS, CF and other DD's and looking for answers.

    Anyone have any info on Hyaluronic Acid? Supposed to be found in Synovial fluid as well as the vitreous humor in the eye...I understand (correct me if I didn't understand what I read, happens all too often) that a blood test called Serum HA is a lab marker for diagnosis of FMS...I am going for the usual realm of fluid withdrawals in the near future and would like to have this test done...Will ask my rheumy to order it. If it's elevated it shows you have inflammation??? If it does, I wonder why I haven't had it done after all these years...

    Sorry, another foggy day here...Hope everyone understands what I mean by what I write, most times I don't...tehe

    Thanks for any help~Alicia
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    I'm glad you're here with us. I'm so sorry you don't feel well right now, but you have at least come to the right place.

    Hyaluronic Acid has alot of potential benefits for us.
    It's found not only in joints and eyes but in the skin as well. It is a great supplement for joint repair and has been used for years in horses and dogs before being used for people.

    Side effects are next to nil. Goes hand in hand with glucosimine, chondriotin (sp) and msm. It does take a while for benefits to show up, but that is not unusual for supplements. Arthritis sufferers gain the most by using H.A.

    I haven't heard of any blood test that is used to
    diagnose fibromyalgia. I know doctors as a rule test for
    inflammation markers .... but to be ruled fibro. the test has to come back negative. One way they discount auto-immune disorders and can then confirm fibro..

    I think that is a main reason we sufferers don't receive the respect from the medical community that we should .... there is no definitive test, no known cause and no cure. Lucky us !!

    This is a great place for imformation and support. I'm
    really glad you joined us. Why don't you post a "I'm new here...." thread so everyone will get a chance to meet

    Take care,