Hyaluronic Acid's Role in FM...interesting story

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    These are the things that were previously unknown about Fibromyalgia and that we discovered during the course of my illness and treatment:

    1. Excess and thickened Hyaluronic Acid body wide causes Fibromyalgia symptoms.

    2. Tender Points are the junctures in the arteries where they branch from larger to smaller to smaller.

    3. The thickened HA cannot go beyond these junctures depending on how thick it is. It is thickened, thus concentrated and very acidic. Clogging of this very acidic fluid at the junctures causes the surrounding tissue to become painful and swollen. We believe that injections would incidentally help only if the injection were pain meds or happened to be alkali.

    4. Stalled HA, if trapped in narrow passageways of the head can cause severe headaches. The HA, which is very hydrophilic and can absorb thousands of times its weight in water, draws water from the surrounding tissues. As it swells, it creates a hydraulic jack effect causing extreme pressure and pain in a small area. Spraying salt water into the sinuses or taking a steamy shower can relieve this. This will allow the stalled HA to thin down and move.

    5. Thickened HA causes vision problems. It may seem like looking though saran wrap. Eyes are dry or burn.

    6. Thickened HA can clog the female reproductive system, causing infertility.

    7. The viscous HA cannot pass through the necessary membranes to reach joints and extremities. This can result in tissue degeneration, loss of function, pain, weakness, fatigue, stiffness, intellectual and emotional suppression, depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, TMJ syndrome, headaches, hair loss, blistering on skin/scalp and tongue, reproductive problems, over-sensitivity to sound, light and other stimuli, as well as other disabilities.

    8. Neutralizing and removing excess HA can successfully treat Fibromyalgia. Where it is most accessible, in the mouth and throat, crushed or chewed calcium carbonate can be used.

    9. The amounts needed are directly related to the severity of symptoms.

    10. A decongestant and expectorant are needed to rid the body of excess HA.

    11. The amounts needed are directly related to the severity of symptoms.

    12. The pain of Fibromyalgia is in all tissue that is starved for HA.

    13. Patients with Fibromyalgia “perceive light and sound as being more important than they are”. It causes wakening that the patient cannot identify with specific stimuli. “Flares”, which occur more frequently during the full moon, are caused by the little bit of extra light sneaking into the room around curtains.

    14. Blocking out all light and all sound using an eye mask and earplugs is essential to obtain deep, restorative sleep all night.

    15. The common occurrence of wakening at or near 3:00 am by many with Fibromyalgia may just be the result of additional sounds in the environment caused by workers going to shift work at local businesses.

    16. An SSRI taken at night will work to maintain correct signaling.

    17. Greatly reducing intake of additional acid is essential.

    Three food items must be eliminated from the diet:

    Soft Drinks - due to high phosphoric acid content.

    Lemons, citrus - due to high acid content.

    Tomatoes any form - due to high acid.

    We did not discover, but learned:

    Mint - reduces effectiveness of some meds, causing an un-well feeling.

    Aloe - do not leave on skin or swallow.

    18. Prompt urination, followed by chewing calcium, with water is essential for controlling acid levels.

    19. Using this 4-mode approach, Fibromyalgia can be successfully treated, with almost immediate results and all symptoms eliminated. Mental and physical functions can be completely restored. When correct HA circulation is restored, functions are returned, even the ability to think clearly and quickly, to fully feel emotions, and access long term memory, even if these things had been suppressed for many years.

    20. The time until relief is achieved depends on adjusting the decongestant and expectorant and diet to the individual patient. It can be as short as a few hours.

    Being able to describe all symptoms in October, 2000 and sharing it all across the Internet has led to much better chances of everyone with Fibromyalgia obtaining a correct diagnosis, and much sooner.

    We believe that the estimates of those in the USA with Fibromyalgia are many times the 5,000,000 thought in 1999. There may be 25,000,000.

    UPDATE - MAY 19, 2004 - We have just found that vaporized Camphor products (Vick's or Walgreen's vaporizing steam liquid in a humidifier) give relief not only for sinus congestion, but for bodywide congestion, giving significant relief from the overall symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

    We had previously known that Campho Phenique gel can stop the intense pain of Fibromyalgia when applied topically. It does not anesthetise, it decongests. Sensation and function are normalized. The effect lasts for several days. It can only be used over limited parts of the body at one time, though, as it contains Phenol, which can be fatal if overdosed.

    UPDATE - July 8, 2004 - It is known that stress increases Fibro symptoms. We believe that this is because stress causes an increase in stomach acid, which just adds to the overall acidity problem. During times of stress, increase the amount of alkali (TUMS), and the amounts of decongestant and expectorant to compensate.

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    I copied your post and put it in a "saved items" file. It was fascinating to me and I wanted to keep it for a later time.

    Also, I use make up that has Hyaluronic Acid because my skin is dry and it keeps the moisture in. Weird!
    Hugs and thanks!
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    What kind of decongestants and expectorants do you use? Is it something that is prescribed? ... or over the counter?
    Thanks for the info
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    After reading up a bit on Hyaluronic Acid and its connection to the symptoms we suffer with FMS...
    I called my rheumy and asked him for a SERUM HA test to determine if this was an issue for me...


    Next thing out of his mouth is "all I can offer you is injections"...

    Is it any wonder I can't stand physicians?

    I started giving my older boy (black lab), sweet potato and flax seed in his diet for the HA to help his joints as he gets older because anything the vet offers has certain ingredients that I just won't subject him to...

    I will look more into this again...Thanks for bringing it to my attention again...
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    Very interesting post, could exlain why guaifenisen works so well for some fibro patients.


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