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    I started hydro works today,its suppose to help with muscle pain.You do exersize in the water,and its easier on your joints.
    I have tried everthing thing else so now I am going to try this.
    I am sure other people here have been through this but this is what I have been through so far in 2 years.When my pain first started it was my cholesterol meds. causing my pain ,so they took me off that.Guess what? That wasnt it.I went through tons of stomach test because my stomach and hips hurt,and they thought I was having female problems.I was in the ER and urgent care to many times to count.Nothing showed up so I just went on with the pain for a while longer.Then I started getting where I couldnt sleep and was in pain everyday.The Dr. put me on Cymbalta for pain and sleep,that didnt help either.They also thought it was my throiad.Sorry about my bad spelling,lol.It wast that either.I now have an apt. to see a rumatoligist in Feb.I know I shouldnt get my hopes up because I am sure there is nothing they can do.I have waited over 5 months for this apt.
    I have terriable joint pain, back pain,hip pain,stiff fingers.Tired all the time.
    Just wanted to see if other people have been through this.Its so frustrating.