Hydrochloric Acid for the Stomach Acid?

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    Has anyone had success with HC? I might try it. I have to do something. I know it's low stomach acid with me. The food just doesn't digest. I could eat something and still be burping it twelve hours later. Using all the over the counter antacid stuff is never going to fix it and I've tried all the prescrip stuff. I feel all they do is mask the problem and ultimately make it worse. These drugs prevent us from being able to digest our food and it blocks us from our nutrients. And I think it just makes us that much worse. I need a natural way of treating the low stomach acid, one that actually works.
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    Teabisqit - one of the best things that ever happened to me was finding my chiropractor who does muscle testing. About 15 years ago he discovered my low stomach acid. I'd had chronic indigestion and an inflamed gallbladder. Anyways, because of him I started taking digestive enzymes with hydrochloric acid, and it made a world of difference. Digestion improved and gallbladder cleared up. It used to be when I ate, it felt like the food just sat there in my stomach. The last thing you want to do with low stomach acid is to take an antacid.

    There are several good products out there. You can check at your health food store. One product I took for a long time is Digestabs from Puritan's Pride vitamins, on-line. Right now I'm taking something from my chiropractor from Standard Process.

    If you buy a digestive enzymes product, it is imporant to make sure that it contains HCL. Not all of them do. ANd you can buy HCL all by itself.

    Best wishes,

  3. SnooZQ

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    As a supplement, HCL is usually in the form of a compound like Betaine HCL.

    Please start low, go slow if you decide to try a supp to increase stomach acid. Remember to take it WITH food, and if pain/irritation occurs, you may need to scale back.

    Best wishes.
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    im so glad that im not along with this prblem, im seeing an alternative doctor that cause me an arm and a leg, he did a heigenberg test, spelling is wrong i know, but anyway, he did that hour test where he put this machine around my neck and i held it for an hour, a reading came out, and i had to go back for that result, you know that was more money, when he could have just tell me right then and there what the report said.

    anyway when i went back he told me that i have low stomach acid, my food come right out in the bowl, he put me on a bunch of his vitamin and other stuff, im also fighting candida, which he know about, he gave me a list of food i should avoid which i have already now about before goin to him, but oct 1st i go back to him for my other blood work and i will see what other stuff i have to buy from him.

    i read about the hydorcloric acid on the net, but im waiting to see what he's going to gave me, in all this, i've been losing my weight, and im hoping whatever he is doing will kick in, im looking to thin, i want to be back to 199 pounds, proudly.
    I'll let you know how it went.

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    I had low HCL and took Betaine HCL with good results. Eventually I collapsed at work after drinking a spicy drink mixer called Snappy Tom. I didn't add the alcohol. My Gastro doc found a stomach ulcer and I had H. Pylori. H. Pylori is a bacterial infection, causes 90% of all stomach ulcers.

    H. Pylori infections cause the stomach to lower the HCL, so Betaine HCL might just mask the problem.

    Tumeric (curcumin) is very toxic to H. Pylori. Tumeric is used for color in mustard and in curry powder. Recently, black pepper was found to increase the absorbtion of curcumin.

    So, go enjoy some spicy Indian food. Curcumin and tumeric can be found in any health food store and tumeric is at your local grocery store. Make curry rice tonight.

    Paid for by the Curry Spice Trade International.....Just kidding!
  6. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    You need a chloride source in your diet in order to be able to produce HCL. For most of us, that would be SALT.

    One side effect of taking excess iodine supplementation, reported by Naturopaths in The Townsend Letter for Doctors, is excess stomach acid. So reasoning backward ... I'm wondering whether iodine deficiency might cause LOW stomach acid?

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