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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, Oct 17, 2002.

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  1. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I have got 5/500 hydrocodone for break thru pain and it does not really help, is this a strong one or not? Should I be taking something a little stronger? What else is available? It is mainly my neck & myy back of my ankles & calves, lower back of leg. I mainly do ultram & muschle relaxer, skelaxin but the hydrocodone pill maybe 1 per day.

  2. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I have got 5/500 hydrocodone for break thru pain and it does not really help, is this a strong one or not? Should I be taking something a little stronger? What else is available? It is mainly my neck & myy back of my ankles & calves, lower back of leg. I mainly do ultram & muschle relaxer, skelaxin but the hydrocodone pill maybe 1 per day.

  3. sickandtired

    sickandtired New Member

    I was on vicoden for about 4 years. for me it let me tolerate the pain. it didn't take it away completely. vicoden (Hydrocodone) works on a basis that if the really bad pain is calmed down, it can maintain it. What my doctor had me do is take one and a half which is equivalent to the 750s (thats a higher dose, then they usually perscribe percocet) to get the pain down and then maintain it with the 500 as perscribed. This is just my experience. hope it helps
  4. fp3657@aol.com

    fp3657@aol.com New Member

    i take the 750's also and it doesnt take the pain just the edge off the pain
  5. Ponygirl

    Ponygirl New Member

    I didnt know what breakthru was before this was given this R/X to me. recieved 30 500mg's. Used it 3 or 4 times a day for maybe 5 days. Pain was totally gone in my ribs. Now mind you, I've had nerve block injections 3 times before and it did'nt even put a dent in my pain. This worked for me. All I can say is ,, 5 pills aren't enough.Hey you wont become an addict , ask for more. By the way seems to me you are the one , Jaci that brought to my attention that someone else shares ticks and twitches . Mine are in my face. Nose, lips, eyebrows. They are always busy. Cant seem to RELAX. TARDIVES DYSKINSIA? Looking for a Dr. in Seattle to help me out. Also, where can I look for more info? Hope you get some relief from the Vicodin. Just dont try and drive or anything else where you might hurt something or someone. But I really feel the trick is ,, get stoned, the pain will breaktrough. After that , easy does it.
  6. jeanann

    jeanann New Member

    500/500 mg of hydrocodone 3 times per day. when i have bad days i call doc and take it every3 hours or until pain subsides. good luck

  7. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    From what I can figure out they are caused from ssri's. They did not know the long term effect years ago when they started putting all of on them like we all need them. When I go off of them I become an angry snappy wench, I get just horrible, I cannot even stand myself. I am to see a neurologist on the 22nd, I will be asking him what they are doing with alll of us ssri casualties.

  8. allhart

    allhart New Member

    i dont think there that strong ive used percocet for brake threw that was the best for me but you can try a stonger dose of hydro if you tolorate it well
  9. Dara

    Dara New Member

    5/500's, I think after you get used to taking them they aren't as effective for the pain. I cringe to think how bad it would be without them but it would sure be nice to be totally pain free for just a couple hours out of the day. My doctor told me I could take up to six per day, but even that doesn't do it.

  10. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    Far away in a galaxy now unbeknown by me, my former and only rheumi set up a treatment plan and his plan called for relieving the symptoms before they became bothersome and therefore time would be lost and magnify that 3-4 times a day and something was not working as efficiently as it should. So

    I began on Ultram w/low dose SSRI to augment the pain relieving effects the ultram had; this did not work for me.

    Began 5/500 hydrocodone. The 5 being the narcotic and the 500 the acetamen. I was on that every 4 h4s from wake-up to til sleep. That was atleast 6 yrs ago.

    Three years ago I went to 7.5/500 hydrocodone. It too was taken in the same manner. I do not use the word "vicodin" as down here in s.texas that is a loaded word so my doc and I politely call "it" lortab, which is accepted!

    About 4 mos. ago I went to 10/500. Note the acetamin. does not go up and this is important as aceta. is HARD on the liver and I had been on Pred. 6-yrs and had just begun a couple of months prior to get from maintenance of 20mg to 5mg. as I was so sick of living w/Cushings Syndrome I could not take it anymore. So I had a rough few months!

    10/500 works fine for me. My doc knows the values allowable, our rights u/the law ie. same pain relief afforded hospice patients and he is willing to do the ordeal of paperwork necessary to treat w/meds reserved for "cancerous pain". I still go, in general the same 4hrs. as before although I have been awakened from time to time where I have to take one just to get to the bathroom. Part of this new exarbation is the diabetes which we can just now address due to the continued adrenal insuficiency I endured as I tapered down from six years of Pred use. God bless, I have no abnormal liver readings as of three weeks ago. EEEEE home health is here for the diabetic business. Gooood luck to you. Love Lil'
  11. Information

    Information New Member

    I made an accidental discovery the other day I would like to share. I took 500 mg of l-tyrosine which, you may know, is the amino acid precursor of the neruotransmitter dopamine. I did not take it for pain and had no expectations it would have an effect on my FM. But it had a remarkable effect on the pain and I was able to sleep through the night. A note: I would not take this or any other single amino acid unless I were also taking a mixed-amino supplement because these things can get out of balance. I also have a prescription for l-trytophan, the amino acid precursor of seratonin, which can no longer be purchased over the counter. Another thought -- both l-tyrosine and l-tryptophan are large molecules and must be taken separately with either fruit juice or water on an empty stomach to be absorbed.
  12. Ponygirl

    Ponygirl New Member

    Look up my new post . Found a great Dr. today in Seattle who's sister has FMS. Cant even begin to tell you how excited I am to find someone who understands. We took a long time talking exercize and accupunture too. Not just someone to get too many drugs from. I also share the sensitivity of too much R/X's . This girl gives me hope with understanding. I would love to meet for tea. How in the world did you know I don't drink coffee, but DECAF Tea only. Will let you know my schedule. Can you come to Seattle for a Dr's Appt? We also talked about Trardive, And yes I was given Compazine years ago, never heard the conection but my face went spastic till I went to the ER for Benedril. I was 15. Keep well my friend , We all share , it sure helps doesnt it.Please post your reply under my posting of Seattle Dr, so I know I have mail.
  13. cpalance

    cpalance New Member

    I take 10/500's every 4 hours. And I take 2 of them at a time. My doc prescribes 240 of them a month for me. Now they are hardly working. I go back to the doc next Wed. and I pray he gives me something else to try because this isn't working. It takes a 1/2 hour for it to start working then it works for about an hour and a half and then I am suffering for the next 2 hours. Trust me what you are taking is not very strong at all. I am surprised it even works.
    Good Luck, just wanted to let you know what I am taking.
  14. Deb*NC*

    Deb*NC* New Member

    Hi jacibat..I have been on hydrocodone for 2 yrs and it hasnt been helping with the pain at all lately,so my dr changed me to oxycodone and I can tell a huge difference..It has really helped,I dont know what took my so long to ask for something besides hydrocodone..Please talk to your dr,theres no need for you to take meds that dont help with your pain...Good Luck
  15. toots2

    toots2 New Member

    Use the l0s as they are stronger and work much better. Personally, I like the name brand "lortab" which is much more effective, than the generic hydrocodone. I never use generics.
  16. BlueMoon

    BlueMoon New Member

    It works much better then Hydrocodone!

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