Hydrocodone - side effects?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjr2003, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    My doctor has had me on Hydrocodone periodically since I have had bad pelvic pain from a cyst bursting and one more cyst still on my left ovary that still bleeds and gives me trouble. The only downside to taking the Hydrocodone/Lorcet is though that it affects my moods. It makes me anxious,angry,mad,emotional etc. And if I already have PMS, it really gets me in a mood. What is it that is in this med that causes this? My RX is for the 7.5 - 650tab. It works very well for the pain, but the side effects of it are so harsh. LOL Carla
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I take Vicodin which is also Hydrocodone. I do not get this particular side effect but I don't know what the difference between Lorcet and Vicodin is, if any.]
  3. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I've been taking Hydrocodone nearly everyday for more than a years. The only side effect I have is constipation. You might say it stops me in my tracks!!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  4. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I've been taking various strengths of it for years now, too. My doc just upped me again, because the pain just never seems to stop anymore. The worst side effect I get, too, is the constipation. I used to get really nauseated, but that has pretty much gone away, unless I double the dose (which is ok per the doc, but I rarely do that).

    Wonder if you can take something like a small dose of Klonopin with it, to calm you down a bit? Just a thought. Take care!! PG
  5. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    I take Norco, which is just another name for the same thing, only a different dosage for breakthrough pain. I experience the same mood changes you have described whenever I take it, which makes it a tough call. Do I live with the pain, or do I become a witch for the day??

    Tough call. Sorry, I'm not too much help, but at least you're not alone!

  6. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    I could never have gotton off the couch without it..now I have been pain med free for about a year...

    The hydrocodone did cause me to be a little on the "hyper" side.... and I also found that if I took it after 3pm that I would not be able to sleep that night.

    I tried other pain meds to no avail... so I lived with the hyper feeling and only took it during night if I woke up in pain several times before 1 am....at that point I would decide that I was going to be up anyway so I might as well not be in pain... I would get some things done while I was at my jitter stage and then simply go back to bed after I got the boys off to school the next day.

    You will eventually find a way to stay out of pain while you learn which pain you need heavy duty meds for and which ones will respond to advil.

    Good luck... I spent almost 2 years before I was out of bed/off couch and enjoying life again...

    I think perhaps something we all hate to do is stop and rest for a LONG (longer then 3 or 4 days) period but looking back I now realize that the 3 years I spent sleeping and lounging around were most likely the best thing I could do to recover. I sure hope you can find the time to really rest for an extended period of time.
  7. Lindy2

    Lindy2 New Member

    I took Lortab/Hydrocodone 10/500mg for over 8 years and for the last few years I would go through this same thing.

    My mood would turn bad rather quickly when I took it so I quit taking it and switched to Oxycodone which has helped prevent this.

    As far as what is in it, I too would like to know what was in it that caused this?

    It can also cause constipation but can be avoided by drinking more water or taking stool softeners (not a laxative) that send water from the body to the intestines.

    Sorry you have experienced this and know you are not alone.

  8. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Thanks for the support :>) Lindy - you had said that you are on Oxycodone - does a regular physician prescribe this for you or do you see a pain management specialist? I have to see a pain management specialist to get long term pain meds for my fibro and the only pain med he will prescribe me that I know of is the Darvocet - which doesn't always do a whole lot. He won't prescribe Lortab/Lorcet/Hydrocodone longterm because he says it is highly addictive along with many other pain meds stronger than Darvocet. The truth is, while I have had the Hydrocodone for the bad pain on bad days, it has helped me to be much more active than in years. But, the mood swing effect is bothersome enough that I wouldn't want to take it on a regular basis. I don't like myself too much when I have to take it. I just feel plum MEAN ! :>( isn't that awful? !! I just wonder though if my regular physician would prescribe Oxycodone for my bad,bad days so that I can cope better. I have to return to work from my leave of abscence by July and so much want to be in better shape than when I left on my leave. Oxycodone is stronger than Darvocet, isn't it? I will have to google it! :>) The Hydrocodone has really helped to control migraine headaches with me as well. I stayed in a bad mood for most of today due to the Hydrocodone. It sure isn't any fun. Anything that alters my mood that much bothers me. Even my husband notices a significant difference, bless his heart; he has put up w/ so much here lately. LOL Carla
  9. lanya

    lanya New Member

    when i take hydrocodone (vicodin) it makes me energenic and happy. i've heard that it has this effect on some people. only drawbacks for me is dry mouth/thirst after more than 1 day of taking it. guess we're all different!
  10. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I take it in the form or Lortab 10/500 mg. and it makes me happy and gives me energy. I know of another person who told me that the Lortab gave them energy too.

    I don't know why it makes me happy, though.

    I'm sorry you are suffering with it. My son, Matt, has it for neuropathy for his feet and he said that lately it is making him feel worse and nauseous. I told him he should stop taking them and I gave him a bottle of Advil to try to see if that would help. He doesn't need the pain control but off and on.

    I hope you will feel better, hon. How is Tabby doing?

    I wonder if Percocet would be any better for you? You must be in horrible pain from this, I can't imagine.

    I do hope you can find something to help you feel better. The only thing about Percocets is you need to pick up the Rx in writing. They can't phone that in.

    Big hugs,
  11. katsarecool

    katsarecool New Member

    Yes, oxycodone is stronger than vicodin. It is a time released pain medication. It now comes in generic which has greatly reduced the price.

    A regular GP would probably NOT want to prescribe this medication as it is so contreversial. Wouldn't you know the one thing that has helped to improve my quality of life is contreversial. I have been on oxcoytin for almost three years.

    You know I can't believe that doctor was worried about addicion. Did he send you to a shrink to find out if you have an addictive personality?

    Addiction vs dependence; there is a huge difference. And the myths continues and some doctors and patients still have views about treating chronic intractable pain with narotics.

    99.9 percent of patients taking oxycotin do not become addicted. And that one percent is suspect. I know I have never gotten high off it. I know I don't take it to get high. I want to have a life and that is why I am taking it.

    Physical dependence? Yes that does happen. Your body becomes dependent on this medication. But if your doctor wants to take you off oxycoting she/he will give you a schedule to wean off it. This usually takes two weeks.

    I have heard that narcotic medications are not all that helpful to patients who only have fibro. But most of us have several other problems associated with pain.

    I believe strongly in going to a board certified pain management doctor. I also know that this medication has probably saved my life.

    Like vicodin, oxycotin causes constipation. It slows down the bowels. Yes, drink lots of water and take fiber supplements. Keep a poo diary and call your doctor if you have not had a bowel movement in more than three days.

    I am new here and so far I like it a lot. And I am a cat lover too.

  12. Lindy2

    Lindy2 New Member

    I tried the pain specialist route and they put me under a contract stating I would not get any pain meds but all they wanted me to take was Elavil. It never helped!

    Your last post sounds so much how I was when I was on the hyrdrocodone. It increased my energy and eased my pain but through the years it eventually quit working. Even though it quit working I couldn't seem to quit taking it because the withdrawls were horrible.

    To this day I would still be on it if it hadn't been for a tragedy in my life and I swore I would never take another.
    That was 6 months ago.

    I tried to not get on another pain med but within 2 months I had too, and I started calling around to different docs.
    Now I see a CNP (certified nurse practitioner) who also believes in Fibro and knows I need pain meds. We have the understanding with each other to totally be honest and so far it works out fine.

    Oxycodone comes in many different types that can be time released like Oxycontin but I prefer to take just the generic of tylox with is the same thing just not time released.

    My husband really went through some of my moods way back when and on this we don't notice them :O)

    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    . . . but am holding off, and taking my Darvocet and I took

    2.5mg of my migraine med this a.m. when I got a migraine.

    The migraine has subsided, and is almost gone, just there

    enough to bug me. My muscles are all flared up, we had bad

    storms here today, and that is most likely why. This a.m.

    a tornado came through a few miles from our house and did

    damage. I threw the cat in her hut, and headed for the

    bathroom w/ the cell phone and a blanket to cover us in the

    tub if I saw action from the window. Called hubby on the

    cell phone and told him I didn't have time to get to the

    storm cellar at his parents down the road, the storm came

    on so quickly and all. Luckily, the tornado diverted some

    and missed us. It destroyed a deer camp from what I

    understand. No one hurt that I know of. Good thing it is

    not deer season!

    Good to hear more info. on Hydrocodone and

    Oxycodone. I figure I probably will not get approved for

    the Oxycodone since my pain mngmt. specialist has said what

    he has in the past concerning pain meds. I just want

    something that will make it to where I can be rid of the

    pain and can "live" again. The quality of life that I have

    grown accustomed to is just not enough to me! But, I may

    not have much control over that, but I would like to think

    that I could have a little more control over it. Sometimes

    I think dr's are more worried about "getting in trouble"

    for prescribing long term pain meds than the patients

    quality of life. I really hate that about "modern

    medicine". All the red tape!! It stinks! The hydrocodone

    has recently made it possible for me to do more and be more

    active, and I don't think I will be able to get any more

    refills on it, not sure if I want it anyway w/ the bad side

    effects, but my point here is that I am going to be hearing

    from family/friends again saying "Oh, I thought you were

    finally getting better?", and them expecting me to be

    jumping hurdles and conquering the world since I have

    recently been feeling better , and the sad thing is it is

    not for long because I have 4 Hydrocodone pills left, and

    that will be the end of the "feeling better" phase most

    likely. Don't mean to sound pessimistic, just being

    realistic. Until I go back on my full set of med's like I

    was on last year before I went off them to try for a baby ,

    I am going to struggle quite a bit it seems. When I

    get "better" for a while I start to get "nominated" for all

    kinds of stuff at church and here and there, and people

    just don't understand when I have to back out of something

    or don't take it on to begin with because I know

    that "feeling better" never lasts for long w/ fibro, and I

    get tired of all the flack I get. Like I am weak for not

    being able to conquer fibro, and be Mrs. fix-it,do-it-

    all,etc. Oh my goodness, I am starting to RAMBLE!! Someone

    stop me nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! :>)))))))))))))))) Here's

    a big (((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))) for all those patient

    enough to read this post and reply!!!!!!!!!! I am really

    hurting :>( Just don't want to feel this way today. ( or

    any day) LOL to all, Carla

    P.S. Faye - Tabby is better. So much better! :>) Her new k/d diet must be helping. She had some trouble on some meds she was put on, and got very very ill, and I really thought she was going to pass away it got so bad, but, I took her off the meds, and she is not hurting like she was and is acting and feeling better. She played for the first time in weeks yesterday. Thanks for asking ! lol Carla
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  14. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I was given hydrocodone for years for nearly constant headaches/migraines. It did give me energy and it was helpful for some headaches but it would not touch my migraines. In fact at times, I feel it actually gave me headaches. I could not take it past 2pm or it would keep me awake at night. The mood swings from the hydrocodone usually come when the medicine is wearing off and your body is calling for more. The energy that this particular pain medication gives some people has a lot of potential for causing problems with accidentally beginning to use it for that purpose & not just for pain. When I developed FM, it was not sufficient for the pain I was experiencing.

    There is currently a petition being circulated to the FDA to cease sells of Darvocet due to the number of deaths it has caused. I received a notice from GoodDrugs/BadDrugs. It said that the medication was not particularly effective for pain and that there are more effective drugs available. I can not remember the cause of the deaths but if you want me to, I will find the email that was sent to me & give you more info.

    Now I am given Oxycontin(time released). It is much more effective for pain. There is no energy just pain relief. I also have Percocet which is Oxycodone with Tylenol for breakthrough pain. I am thankful for these medications but I am far from pain free. I use soaks in baths, microwavable gel packs, ice, Ben Gay patches,magnesium supplements, malic acid, massages, & rubs. I do not understand why anyone would have an addiction to this medication if taken as prescribed. Maybe if you are in pain it just does what it is suppose to do. There is no feeling of elation, energy or anything for me, just some relief.I have never gotten a headache from these meds either.

    I was offered patches for pain control but I thought I would have more control with pills although at this moment I am considering trying it because I am losing ground with controlling the pain. I wish it would stop and I would never have to take another pill. Although I have been told that you must come off of these medicines gradually and that it will be hard and I will need a doctor to tell me the proper way to stop them. That scares me but I had to have some relief from the 24/7 pain.

    I wish you well and hope that you will find a doctor to help you and that the medication given will be helpful.

  15. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    unfortuantely the headaches can be a side effect of withdrawal from the hydrocodone.... take time to notice if the headaches are worst after you have been better and stop taking the hydrocodone suddenly....if that is the case you can step down after heavy use days... taking the 10mg they have a nifty little line that if you turn upside down on a countertop and press each end it will snap in half giving you a 5mg dosage.... spread that out 6 hours after a day of the 10mg dosage every 4 hours and you might find you avoid the headaches.

    Pain meds leave you in a catch 21 situation sometimes...like with me I found they relieved the pain and gave me the energy to get a couple loads of cloths done but they also kept me up at night(extra energy...almost jitter feeling at times.)

    When you are like us and crippled by fatigue that leaves you crawling from bed to couch most days the higher energy level is a blessing...but sometimes we tend to over-do during that time and hurt worst the following day because of it....

    This is simply a time of trying to learn how much pain med we really need to take. It took me about 3 years of pain meds daily to learn how to use them properly for my body and when I could use advil!

    Good luck as you try to learn how to handle your body. my last month's prescription of hydrocodone was filled February 2005...I would get 90 a month (3 10mg pills a day) and I still have about 30 or more left in that bottle! I know when I need them and when I can function without them now...and that is such a blessing!
  16. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Now I know why I am antsy.I couldn't sleep well last night.I am taking hydrocodine now.I didn't take my sleeping med. cause I was afraid 2 hydrocodines and sleping med. would make me hungover this morning.

    Well I am taking my sleepy medicine tonight.

    Finally I have releive from my neck pain and now I am gonna get some good sleep.
  17. katsarecool

    katsarecool New Member

    about treating chronic pain with opioids goes away Far Far Away to another planet where there is no intelligent life because it is an outdated and stupid notion that patients abuse their pain meds and become addicted.

    And if we did get addicted so what? We are given a script for what we need for our pain, we are asked to sign a pain contract, we agree to random drug testing to make sure we are using our meds instead of selling them and to make sure we are taking the medication as the doctor has written. If you follow the pain contract with a certified pain care specialist you should not have too many worries and your pain should be reduced in order to improve your quality of life.

    After all what is more important than to get excited about your life again? Nothing is more important to me.

    Today I am back on Oxycotin again. I went off it because I lost my medicaid (I make too much money on disability). Things got messed up for several days, a mix up with my doctor, medicaid and my pharmacy; I went through withdrawls. Not good. Well it all got straightened out, doctor gave me methadone until I got back on mediciad.

    Before that could happen, and two weeks after going through withdrawals I had a major heart attack. I say major because it was in the front and in the LAD, left anterior descending; the area of the heart that conducts the beats. So nothing minor about it. That has to be the most scary thing that ever happened to me. And now I have to live with the damage and the fear of it happening to me again. And this was caused by all the confusing darned laws against narcotics for chronic pain.

    Today I am relieved. In a twisted way I now meet their requirements for medicaid because of unpaid and paid medical bills totalling almost 30 K for this year alone. I am covered until Medicare D kicks in Dec. 2007.

    Sorry for the long rant and the gripes about chronic pain and narcotics.


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