hydrocodone vs oxycodone - Madwolf??

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    I tried doing a search to avoid repeating a topic, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

    Am I correct in my understanding that the difference is the *chemical* makeup of these two drugs? Is that why one would work much better than the other?

    The reason I'm asking is that whenever I have taken percocet in the past, it works much better than lortab. My doc always prescribes lortab 10/500 for me. On the same day I saw him this week for my elbow prolotherapy, he also injected trigger points in my back with *anesthetic*, no cortisone because it would interfere with the prolotherapy. The injections in my back didn't give me any relief. Also, on this day my husband saw a surgeon about HIS elbow and was prescribed percocet 10/650. I've been taking his meds and he's taking mine right now because the percocet works so much better on my pain.

    So my question really is, what's the difference and why would one work better than the other? And is it a bad idea to mention this to my doc when I go back in a month??


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    I took percocet and it didn't work for me.. I now take hydorcodone. Figure that...
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    I take oxycodone, and I requested this due to purity. I was taking too much vicoden and whatever else w/acetominephen in it. All I know about oxycodone, is that it is the pure opoid w/out aspirin sub. And it is sustained release, 12 hour formula. I didnot want to kill my liver on other meds considering my chronic pain. I know that according to research the oxy does not damage the liver as well as other pure opoids. I hope this helps, I am kind of spacey today, due to pain and fatigue, so forgive me. Love Iggy
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    My doc upped my lortabs last fall from the 5/500 to the 10/500, because I was taking 2 of them at a time, thus getting double the acetaminiphine. I know that when my mom had a Rx for percocet a couple of years ago, I took some of hers and at the time I thought it worked better for me.

    This week was, IMO, a good indicator of what works better, and my husband's meds (percocet) definitely gave me more relief than the lortab.

    Is there any reason a doc would choose to prescribe one over the other?

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    back to page one, hoping for more input. :)

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    As we say over and over, we all react differently to meds.
    And some meds work better on one type of pain than another.

    I have taken ALL of them over the past few years. When i fell and hurt my arm I was given lortab....it really helped my arm, but did nothing for my back. Different type of pain reacts to different med.

    ALWAYS be honest wiht your doc...tell him you tried the percocet, it worked better, and ask to try it for a while.
    I will offer some advice though...ask for oxycodone IR. It is not time released, and doesn't have the added risk of taking tylenol for a long period of time. If you need the typenol, you can always take some wiht it. The oxycontin does not provide 12 hour relief..you will need something for breakthru pain anyway..which means another Rx.

    Hope this helps