Hydrocortisone, Dangerous Steroid-Drug or Most Important Hormone?

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    In the May 26, 1999 issue of JOURNAL Of The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, doctors Teitelbaum, Weiss, and Bird took issue with a recent study using cortisol (hydrocortisone) to treat CFS. They pointed-out the safety and effectiveness of using LOW-DOSE versions of this all-important "stress-hormone" to treat CFS, and that the study in question didn't follow this protocol. The study, previously reported in JAMA, had made other serious errors and as a result, thought this form of treatment to be unsafe, despite patients' improvement. In my personal experience some 19 years ago, supplementing with this actual hormone (various forms are available) is the key to treating CFS if; The illness resulted from prolonged stresses, viruses, or injuries, and has many symptoms that are inflammatory, hypoglycemic, and "switched-on fight-or-flight response" in nature. The "mild cortisol-deficiency" which is the big issue, doesn't necessarily show in standard testing.
    CFS is nothing new; "unexplained chronic-fatigue" has been around as long as we humans have had adrenal glands. Sometimes we need to look back at the basics-I've been out of this scene a long time and am surprised at all the complicated detours and blind-alleys so many CFS patients are on these days!
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    Thanks for posting. I think this information is crucial! I started taking licorice root about 2 weeks ago. Licorice root extends the half life of cortisol, in doing so it gives the adrenals a bit of a rest. I also started isocort (2.4mg cortisol per tablet) on 2-12-13. I bought 480 tablets of isocort, so I'll have enough for awhile.

    So together the licorice root and isocort make a perfect team, as one boosts cortisol and the other extends it's half life. All I can say is wow, the increased energy is amazing! One of the hardest things to do is to refrain from overdoing it and crashing.

    I am walking 20 minutes every other day and have been for a week now. I am also able to keep up with my daily chores of cleaning, cooking, etc. Two weeks ago I was struggling to walk 20 minutes once a week, and do my daily chores!

    This is proof enough for me that this is working and needs to be further investigated. It just seems to me that so many of my symptoms are caused by inflammation. leaky gut, allergies, irritable bladder, headaches, muscle pain and soreness.

    The fatigue is just an exhausted body trying to heal all the inflamed tissue and not being able to because my adrenal glands are weak and don't make enough cortisol to do so. So my body is and has been in a weakened state, unable to heal from all the inflammation. Make sense to you Ronaldo60?
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    I always feel better after my steroid injection and then it wears off quite quick. Im given them because inflamation found in blood tests, so they think arthritis. Im 38 now but ive had inflamation shoing up in blood tests since i was 23. Diagnosed fibro in 2005, but was sick for bout 8 weeks with unknown virus when 23 and health went slowly down hill. Yeah i agree when you look at symptoms of when adrenal function isnt working correctly it sounds like cfs and fibro.

    Can you elaborate on what you use. You have to have hydrocortisol given by medical professionals in uk. Cheers
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    Well, the cortisol-expert, endocrinologist/army flight-surgeon Dr. Jefferies would probably recommend that you try a DAILY low-dose of hydrocortisone (cortisol) of about 20mg/day which is equal to 5mg prednisone or 4mg Medrol.
    Personally, I was on 5 mg. prednisone daily for a few years, always tapering slowly to every other day or cutting the 5mg pill in half, until finally after 7 years, could stop completely. Next time you get the HC-shot, why not ask for a dose-pack of Medrol (methylprednisolone) which is exactly what "cured" me in '94. I thought I was actually cured, at that time, until all symptoms slowly returned, which is why I researched more and stayed on the low-dose prednisone. When I got my HC-injection and Medrol for severe asthma (my doc didn't even know about my CFS), I felt the "brain-fog" lifting after two days, then my first sleep and every symptom gone by day4. Nothing short of a miracle!
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    And not just the anti-inflammatory action that's important, don't forget you need normal blood-sugar levels for energy in body and brain, that's cortisol's other big job. Keep everyone posted on your own results using those supplements, and maybe ProHealth will get the clue someday that adrenal-fatigue and CFS are often the same thing.
    Have you noticed how little interest there is when it comes to stress-hormones and CFS? People are going down every other road to find their cause and cure, maybe that's why so few are improving? Also, back in my day (80's), CFS-diagnosis required several of 15 definite symptoms (I had 11), and was often referred to as "yuppie-flu" and linked with EBV (mononucleosis). Nowadays, who knows what half of these people are actually suffering from?
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    Hi Ron, thanks for sharing some of your experiences and perspectives. I've benefitted enormousy from taking low-dose hydrocortisone (Cortef - 20mg/day) for the past 15 years or so, and would recommend all pwCFS look into the topic of adrenal insufficiency.

    For me, my adrenal insufficiency did not equate to my CFS. I believe I have adrenal insufficiency "AND" CFS. I actually feel I more accurately have "cortisol insufficiency", which I believe is a result of a dysfunctional HPA axis, rather than dysfunctional adrenal glands.

    I was diagnosed with Lyme about three years ago, and have been trying to treat that. But I'm still not sure whether my Lyme equates to my CFS, or if I have Lyme "AND" CFS. -- Lots of complex health pictures on this board. In the end, we're all different with many variables at play.
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    And why not start a post about it? This has been the most overlooked aspect in CFS, for sure. Definitely "adrenal fatigue" means "low cortisol," as the other main stress-hormone, adrenaline, is the nasty one that takes over when cortisol and blood sugar drop. Jefferies used to say there were several kinds of cortisol deficiency, depending on whether it was from not enough cortisol being produced or the cortisol receptors becoming burned-out and less responsive.
    I honestly think a good percentage of so-called "CFS" is actually mental or "who knows?" while the cortisol connection is a concrete approach that provides a real scenario for how CFS can develop plus giving an actual treatment, not the mumbo-jumbo we unfortunately are seeing around here sometimes!