Hydrocortisone Therapy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skierchik, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. skierchik

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    Has anyone tried this?? Can you recommend a doctor that does this for adrenal-immune disorders. I've stummbled upon some research regarding endocrine-immune imbalance and I think this is the key for most of our symptoms. (CFS/Fibro, Immune Disfunction, Allergies, Candida sufferers, etc.)

    I am a new reader and am really appreciating the articles and support!!


  2. sdown

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    I started on 25 mg a day of cortef (hydrocortisone) 4 years ago along with 25 mg a day of DHEA. My doctor is Dr Carol Ann Ryser from Kansas City, Missouri at Health Centers of America. You can do a web search on her. She is awesome. I travelled from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to see her and it was worth every penny. I stayed 3 days and they ran every test imaginable. She told me I had adrenal gland exhaustion (also known as Addison's disease) and pernicious anemia. I take B12 sublingual drops under the tongue for the anemia and hawthorn helps too with shortness of breath. Good luck to you.
  3. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    Welcome skierchik

    I have been on corisol i.e.,hydorcortisone and just come off it, after using it in conjuction with T3 to help adrenal fatigue and low thyroid.

    If you check my threads by typing my name in the search rectangle, you will find lots of replies on this topic. Also if you type in cortisol or other brand names you will also get info; there is also a debate re. hydrocortisone cf. natural supplements - no clear winner as yet. Different resports from different people.

    There are also a couple of interesting web sites, including www.adrenalfatigue.com - I hope it is OK to put this in as it does have lots of info - a little biased in my opinion - but who/what isn't?

    The hydrocortisone may help those who have cfs and ALSO have adrenal fatigue - which can be tested for, by saliva testing for cortisol levels.

    I think the hydorcortisone may help some people, but if you are 'sensitive', you can have some adverse reactions. For me, the most significant thing has been the fact that the hydorcortisone shuts down your own production, which gives your adrenals a rest, however it can be difficult for them to restart when you finish the treatment. I am just recovering from coming off a very small dose for 3 months, and I have had a week of being almost bedridden. Am feeling a little better now, perhaps because my own adrenals have started to kick in and also perhaps because I have started adrenal supplements.

    Good luck in your search.

  4. skierchik

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    I will look her up. I'm not that far from Kansas City, MO, a full days drive anyway. I am not sure that I can do this type of therapy, though cause I am a Type 1 diabetic. But my understanding from reading about "endocrine-immune imbalance" and "adrenal-immune disturbance", I suspect my blood sugars could actually benefit from very low dosages of cortisol. Need to do more research and it sounds like maybe she could help.

    Thanks, again

  5. elsa

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    I agree and am taking 10mgs compounded cortisol daily for adrenal gland. I have written quite alot on the HPA axis dysregulation in CFS/FMS .... of which the adrenal is a part of. If you like you can highlight my name and read some of the posts I have made concerning this.

    I think the HPA axis is one of four categories needed to be addressed in order for remission to occur. The others are sleep disorder, infection/immunity and nutritional deficits right down to the mitochondrial level.

    Welcome to the board .... most of what I learned came from the extraordinary members here.

    Take care,

  6. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Thank for all the great information. I will be seeing a doctor on Feb. 1st about cortisol therapy.

    Sorry to hear that coming off of the medicine is making you sick. Let us know how you're doing.

    Also, I thought that once you're on it you're always on it.

    Hmmmm, I got a lot of reading to do.

    Thanks again,


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