Hydrocortisone treatment

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  1. Banka8

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    Has anyone ever tried small theraputic doses of hydrocortisone to treat CFS? I came across this
    information when I was researching natural progesterone
    cream to treat menopause and pms symptoms. According to
    Dr. John Lee, CFS and other immune diseases could have to do with adrenal gland exhaustion. Small doses of hydrocortisone (not predisone or other steroids)can help with CFS symptoms. I have suffered for 15 years with CFS and it all started with a horrible bout of flu. I have not been the same since. These are my symptoms: Easily stressed out, fatigue, low tolerance for exercise, the heat of summer drains me and I cannot stand the hot sun on my skin, plus many more. I am new to this board and so far I have enjoyed reading the posts. By the way Dr. John Lee's book is about menopause but he does mention the book by William McK. Jefferies (Safe Uses of Cortisol). I haven't read it yet but I'm going to. Good health to all and I'll keep you all updated on the hydrocortisone.
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    Are you currently taking hydrocortisone? How are you doing on it so far? I have quite a number of questions, but will limit them.

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    I'm on a very small dose of hydrocortisone (cortef), 7.5mg per day (in the morning) for several months, and I believe it has made me feel better, but as there are so many factors involved in CFIDS, I couldn't swear it's the hydrocortisone and not something else ...
    Would be interested in any info about low dose cortisone use.
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    Cortisone is a heavy hitter drug and I've read that despite the fact that it can help in the short term, it can cause problems in the long term.

    Perhaps our medical professionals here will wade in on this.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sb439

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    Jefferies makes a distinction between therapeutical and physiological doses, the latter being much smaller.
    There seems to be no research that shows that physiological doses (5-15mg cortef daily) are harmful. If there is after all, I'd be very interested in it, so if any body knows some publications on that matter, PLEASE LET US KNOW. (For comparison, a friend of mine with rheumatoid arthritis has taken the equivalent of 40-100 mg cortef every day over the last 30 years, this counts as therapeutical dose.)

    just talked to my friend, he says what he's taking is in fact the equivalent to 100-250mg cortef every day. [This Message was Edited on 04/14/2003]