Hydrocortisone Treatment

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    Thanks to all who responded to my question about hydrocortisone treatment to treat adrenal gland exhaustion which according to Dr. William McK. Jefferies could be causing CFS. I have not tried it yet.
    I just ordered his book called SAFE USES of CORTISONE.
    I ordered it through Amazon. I want to read more about
    treatment before I give it a go. Any thoughts out there about using a little hydrocortisone cream. It's available
    without prescription and used to treat itchy skin problems such as poison ivy, rashes etc. I know many medications can be absorbed through the skin. I'd love to ask
    Dr. McK. Jefferies that question. TA TA.
  2. sb439

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    about the cream - in my case the same general practitioner who objected to my using any doses of cortef, however small, suggested at the same appointment I use hydrocortisone cream on some itching skin, without suggesting trying any alternative first ... .
    But: one of the side-effects of hydrocortisone cream is said to be increased hair growth, so be careful where you put it ...
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    Hello Banka, I hadn't heard of treating cfs with the hydrocortisone, but I have been on a program for over 2 years to relieve me of the pain of FM. In the program I participate in they give you a general physical nothing too intense, take into account your age,weight ect. Then they wash the information through a computer to come up with the amount of "hydrocortisone" your body whould naturally be producing.
    I know that my sleep pattern was completly wrecked when I hurt so bad so that might have been conufsed with cfs.
    My relief level was astounding even to me, not all in the group I started with had the same effects, but some of them were not keen on following the plan either.
    A really Bland diet for the first 4-6 weeks, to make sure food alergies are not at fault. Then you get to add a new food and see if anything sets you off.
    Since you're into reading, do a search on Microdose or
    Microdose Therapy, it isn't cheap... but looking back over the 4 years, and the money I spent looking for something to work for me it was the best investment I ever made.

    best of luck.... and prednisone is not the same as hydrocortisone. you probably already new that.
    prednisone is (7) times stronger and causes many more side effects. But then any cortisone will if taken in too high of a dose.
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    I would rely like to know more about the hydrocortisone
    treatment.I'am pretty sure that hydrocortisone is diffrent then cortisone,because my father use to have cortisone shots for rhumatoid artritis and the were very bad
    is face would get puffed up and there were,bad side effects
    anybody know the diffrence.

    thank you