Hydrofit class, must take it slower and rest more often

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    I am learning that no matter what kind of exercise program you choose to do for your fibro, arthritis or what ever the ailment is they all leave you sore and exhusted.

    IF you new to wather arobics like I am , I choose the deep end as I know if I got tired I could grab a noodle and just hang there suspened in the water resting and let me tell you that is still my all time favorite thing to do in the pool. It is the only time that there is no pressure on my body and it is as close to being pain free as it gets.

    But the more class's I take the more I find out that the slower I need to take it. Which is really hard when you have a hyper instructer and she is playing music with a strong pounding BEAT. And of course your brain wants to follow that strong beat, but if you shoose to do that you will not be attending class for a couple of days as your going to be hurting.

    I have spent the last couple of nights talking with the teachers of the Hydrofit class's and both are trained in REhab aqua therapy.That made me feel a bit better. I asked questions about how long should I do the exercise's and both answered the same way, STop doing some ting when it makes you tired, or hurts. Take a few minutes and just rest and just let your legs hang down and let them just hang there for as long as you need.

    When you start a exercise do it slowly and only do 1-2 reps of the exercise, then stop and rest. Yes this is going against what they are telling the rest of the class as they want them to get their heart rates up so it is move faster and push your self harder. But since I am not "NORMAL" I get to pick and choose the exercise's that will help me. ONe teacher has offered to help me for a few minutes after class to show me some exercise;s that are good for fibro and MPS , arthritis, and back pain.

    She has told me to take it slowly instead of a strong beat like they play I am to think of ginger rogers and Fred astair as they floated across the dance floor. Doing gentle exercise's , streaching, do some of the one's that are in the class ffor your side muscles but do them only 4 timess so that you don't over do it and then switch to another part of you body like you legs.

    And then run , jog in the pool but don't bend your knee;s hard and don't do the exercise where you touch your hand to the oppsite leg that should be kicking you in the butt as I can't bend my knee's enogh for them to find my butt.
    she also said to just walk in the water back and forth as it will help to. Keep moving but slowely . AS we talked she told me that this was not going to be easy and it could be painfull and if there was a night where I was in pain she would reather I didn't come to class so I didn't injure my self. And during the daaays I am to do getnle streaching so that will help me in my calves that seen to ache so often.

    I can do just aobut what evr I want in to pool as long as I am doing it slowly and takeing breaks and most of all DRINKING WATER so I don't deyhrate. I know it sounds funny , how can you loos water when your swimming in it but you do lose as much as you would on land you just don't noticed it as much . So always bring a bottle of water with me to drink and keep hydrated.

    I am going to go to class tonight if I don't poop out earliiier in the day from doing house work as my daugter , her hubby and my grandson are staying with us this weekend .

    The living room is really nice looking. There is still some books that are under the TV table and some by the couch but the floor is clean and the vaccum is just needing to be put away.

    I do have to wash the sheets and make the bed and clean up some of the middle daaahgters things as it is her room but she is a nanny in Ct. So she has left so much stuff here and I need to find it all a home so that the floor can be cleaned up so that my 16 month old grandson will not get in to things he should not get in to..

    So right now before I fall alseep as I woke up at 6 am when my husband got up and left that alarm clock buzzing and I had to get up and out of bed to shut the darn thing off and it was a struggle to not throw it against the wall. But I didn't do that. But I could not go back to sleep.

    But I took my morning pills and I am ready to go back to bed. SO on my way to my bedroom I will put th esheets in to the washer and let them wash while I take a nap. And when I wake up I will put them in the dryer and get up and get the rest of the things done in small dose's so it does not make me so tired .

    I find that it is interesting that every thing we do we need to do it slowly and not to rush it. Because if we hurry hurry we will not get the job done. And it is the same thing with the water exercise's I have to take them slowly too so I don't get too tired and can't do them any more.

    It must be some thing that I need to remember to do. NO matter what we do it should be done slowly and not rushed but done in a timely manner. Instead rushing to get everthing done on time we who have fibro need to take life a bit slower so we don't push our selves in to a flair. It amaze;s me taht our lives seem to have changed now. We need to still keep our selves busy but we must take out time at doing it. In all parts of our lives if we want to do things they need to be done slowely and have time allowed to rest if needed.

    Which is the total oppsite of the business world , which is hurry , hurry adn keep busy adn get this job done now adn do things faster and in the NORMALS life that is ok but for we fibro mites it is not. Outr lives have noow changed and life needs to be at a slower more gentle pace. I am not saying that we can't move fast when we need to do so.

    But we get so tired so fast, taht I have found out that it is much better to dop the same things I would nromally do just do them in a slwer pace and they will get done in time. It may not be the fastest way to do things but I don't like to have flairs and if moving slower in my life will ease or lesson the flairs I get I am all for doing things slower.

    WEll I must get this laundry in to the washer so I can rest a while before I need to get more done. I thank you for all the suggestions you have given me for my swimming class's they are all so helpfull and importatnt. I di notice taht when I am being told to take it easy adn rest after each exercise that it sounds like my life out side of the pool.

    I just need to do the things that have been suggested here for my pool exercise's to my own life. And stop and smell the rose's and slow down , rest and don't push things but also don't feel sorry for your self as you are still getting things done , just not as fast as you once did. So thank you all for your concern. YOu are true friends. and I am blessed to have you in my life.

    Many HUGS FOR ALL,

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