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    Today I had my first visit with an alternative health care doctor. I underwent an Hydrogen Peroxide IV 250cc for 45 minutes. He wants me to come back twice a week for the next four weeks. These treatments are very expensive and are not covered by insurance. My daughter took me since I can no longer drive. It took an hour in city traffic to get there. I was so exhausted since it was such an ordeal. I think I could recuperate faster sitting on the couch reading a book!
    What is your opinion, if any, on this? Has it helped anyone?
    Thanks for your input.
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    I had about 7 hydrogen peroxide IVs and they didn't help me at all!! Yes, they are expensive so I couldn't continue them to find out if they were going to help. I first had 2 or 3 vitamin drips (I was hoping the insurance would at least pay for those). The doctor also put me on vitamin packs (at $22/bottle), 5htp (also at $22/bottle) and melatonin.

    I think I was supposed to begin feeling less fatigue (or at least somewhat better) after the first few peroxide IVs, but that didn't happen for me. I really, really liked this doctor, though, (he was a good friend of my primary care doc) and I wanted to see him again. (I had an initial visit with him, then saw him briefly during a vitamin drip as he was going thru the IV room and he stopped to ask if I felt any better, which I didn't. That's when he said to start the peroxide.) I never got the chance to see him again because I couldn't afford to pay for an office visit after paying for a session with the IV, and then he was tragically killed in a plane accident. I never went back for more IVs. However, a week or so ago I got a bill from the office for almost $200!!! I guess the insurance didn't pay for the vitamin drips either.
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    I think you just answered my question. This is so expensive and not covered by insurance. The doc had some good things to say - increase Vitamin C, Olive leaf, etc., but I'm very suspicious when it comes to these IV's. There hasn't been much on the message board about them, and usually if something works, you hear a lot of buzzing.

    Thanks again,

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    You both mentioned the peroxide IVs being very expensive. I'm wondering just what WAS the price per peroxide treatment for each of you?

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    Is this normal hydrogen peroxide? Peroxide is damaging to the tissues. They are no longer recommending its use in surgical dressing wound changes. I'm a nurse and will admit there is alot I don't know, but this sounds like it could kill someone.
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    My treatments cost $80 each. The other people at the place said that this was the least expensive in the country. There were always a lot of people getting IVs everytime I was there, but most of them were getting chleation therapy (they all swear by the chleation therapy for everything from infections to heart problems).

    The doctor who was running the center was very well respected by the medical community and very much loved by his patients. He obviously wasn't afraid to use alternative medicine and when I saw him, I felt like he actually listened to me. He and his assistant had just gone to Florida to get training for a study he was asked to participate in regarding the chleation therapy and heart problems or something. I know all his patients and staff miss him a lot.

    However, as far as the peroxide goes, what I read on the net about how it's supposed to help made a lot of sense and was interesting, just too expensive for me.

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    I'm a big advocate of using hydrogen peroxide for many things, including oral therapy if it is done carefully in low doses. But the IVs make me very nervous because they are not regulated in any way. The doctors usually buy 35% food grade and mix it up themselves into the IV solution. There's just way too much room for error.

    In higher concentrations it can damage tissue, as someone mentioned. While it's not permanent damage, it can cause prolonged bleeding and it can cause free radical damage because it's such a strong oxidizer.

    I've known many people who got the IVs (including my daughter at the insistence of her doctor when she was in college). None of them improved and the ones who did it long term had obvious free radical damage (aging of the skin). If you do use it, always take vitamin E before the IVs to help minimize the damage.

    On the other hand I've known many people including my own family who saw amazing benefits taking very small doses of hydrogen peroxide orally for everything from giardia and candida to arthritis. It still has to be used with great caution since the kind you use orally is very concentrated (12% or 35%). You only use a drop or two in water to start - unfortunately many of the websites promoting it suggest going up to 30 drops three times a day and in my opinion that is way too much.

    Proponents of the IV therapy say you can't get it into the bloodstream by taking it orally, but I tend to disagree based on first-hand experiences. If you do a search on hydrogen peroxide you'll find a lot of previous discussions.

    I'd save the money and use it orally if you want to see if it helps. A bottle is only about $15 and will last for months.

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    I went to a doctor in the Chicago area. 250 CC was $90 each. He wanted to do two 500 CC a week at $125 each. This is not covered by insurance. I would do anything if I thought this would make a big difference. But I haven't read anything on this message board that justifies the cost.

    If someone had a great success story with this, please let me know. But I've heard your success stories by other means which I mean to try.
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    Sorry to say that they made a friend of mine with CFS worse.

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    I have had the Hydrogen Peroxide IV's and they didn't help at all. Yes they are very expensive. What I found that helped me a lot was Hydrogen Peroxide capsules that can be purchased on the net called O to 60 Hydrogen Peroxide Capsules. Just be sure not to take them with food. I take mine early in the morning and go back to bed. Later when I get up I eat. It makes you sick at your stomach if you eat because it works on the food in your stomach. It helps colds,Flu or any kind of infection. Your body makes Hydrogen Peroxide naturally to fight off diseases but when your immune systen is messed up it needs help. These work for me,but a Colon cleanse did more for me than anything has ever done. I would reccomend it to everyone. Hugs Shirley
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    for the IV cost replys. Think I pass for now..