hye... pls help!!! am getting very very paranoid!!!

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    One mth back, i kissed a guy-F. ONLY KISSING. NO SEXUAL CONTACT. I did not have any painful open sores back then. Now, I am down with flu-like and fever. NO RASHES. cAN i NOE if this is HIV SYMPTOM OR IS IT MONO???

    I have read and heard that HIV does not spread via kissing. But, there is a possibility... FRANKLY, DOES IS SOUND MORE OF A MONO OR A HIV??? I M PRAYIN GVERY VERY HARD THAT IT IS NOT HIV!!! WE DID NOT HAVE ANY SEXUAL CONTACT. ONLY DEEP KISSING OF LIKE 7 TIMES!

    I need to noe if it does sound like mono... cos I don't have rashes or joint pain!!! NO CANDIDIASIS. Just a red infection on my lips(it might be due to dirty environment)...

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    Actually you are in the flu season in some areas so you may very well have the flu. There are also respiratory and other viruses that pass around that are 24 hour and 48 hour. If you have an actual infection on your lips see a doctor to have it checked out (it might be cold sores), or do you mean they are dried out and sort of chapped (which can happen when you run fever and get a bit dehydrated).

    As soon as you are better, get to Planned Parenthood and ask them for the real facts about sex, get their brochures about sex, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Relying on a board is not a good idea for sexual information. To the left of this board is the AIDS message board.