Hyper awareness? Autonomic dysfunction

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Jun 28, 2003.

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    Hi all. I know this is true for me and it is also for many people with CFS/FM. Many of us have a hightened awarenss of our bodily functions which is stressful. I know i do and i dont like it at all. For example, i can nearly always feel my heart beat, and i can feel gastric movement such as gas bubbles etc in the intestines most of the time. just things like this. This hightened awareness is often a contributor to pain sensitivity or perception. Ive been pain sensitive for ages even before CFS/FM. Also got autonomic dysfuntion but i think so do many of us. I often feel like my body's not co-ordinating breathing properly, also have irregular heartbeats (ectopics and strings of ectopics) substantial heart rate changes through the day, IBS / gut dysmotility etc. Anti-depressants can help this and i found that low dose elavil helped me feel not so "dysregular" in the bod lol. Anyone know of other meds that can help these probz?

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    With me it is hearing noises and light (to which I hate).What I also can not stand is if I shut my mouth and my teeth touch I feel them quivering and can get that feeling inside and out of my body. I KEEP FORGETTING TO TELL THE DOCS that.
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    Sorry Wolverine, I don't have any help for you....

    Fran, write a note to yourself about what to talk to your doctor about.
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    Drugs that turn down the sympathetic nervous system sometimes help. In Fibro, our sympathetic system is in over drive, and the parasympathetic, which is supposed to balance it, is asleep at the wheel.
    Clonidine has helped me a lot, but it was prescribed for my high blood pressure. It would be dangerous for those with already too low BP to take it. Klonopin, Xanax, and others of that type, though addictive, can supresses some of the sympathetic over-reaction. Clonidine is an alpha-blocker, and beta-blockers also help with this, but the side-effects are not worth it, IMO.
    There is an up side to this....you may have noticed that this increaed sensitivity causes your intuition to be much stronger, and that you can tell what people's real thoughts are when they lie to you, not to mention being able to tell that they are lying in the first place. This has obvious advantages, but it may also make you sad when you see how often people are false. It has caused me to become a semi-hermit, but at least I am not wasting my precious little energy on the wrong people any more.
    I'd prefer to try to get closer to the cause by treating the organs that send out all the sympathetic chemicals, like the adrenals, for example.
    If only we knew the original cause of this illness, the treatment might fall into place. It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
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    Heya. Thanks for the replys.

    Klutzo: Yes i agree about the sympathetic in overdrive, ive heard that before. Thats also a contributor to my palpitations. I cant take codeine or anything like that because my blood pressure is very low and many things can make me feel very weak. I havent tried beta blockers, but they could possibly trigger my asthma so they didnt give them to me. That is true though that the hyper awarenes has increased myt intuition for sure - im very sensitive to emotions and can tell how people are feeling. Its good in a way but the bodily awareness is very annoying & contributes to anxiety. klonopin was awful for me i couldnt function and was very weak, havent tried xanax but could be similar. Im about to try a multi-glandular for the endocrine system.

    Jelly - Yes i have fatigued to fantastic and it is excellent. ive read it in detail and studied the different parts many times :) Dr T knows what hes talking about and i think its unfortunate that there arent MANY more doctors following his protocol. We are a small handful of ppl on this board able to share ideas and experiences, but there are so many out there with this prob that really have barely any idea of whats going on or how to help it. Also yes alot of the malfunctions we experience relate to hypothalamic dysfunction eg the hypo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA)axis and the HPG (gonadal) axis are often not communicating properly. As for elavil yes it does make my body feel more 'regular' :) but also gives me many extra ectopic heart beats which isnt too great. Not sure if its harmful or not just not comfortable.

    Thanks, Chris
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    I know what you are talking about drove me crazy and when I mentioned these things to Rheumatologist acted like I was crazy. Got Rheumatoid in control with Minocin therapy and cfs, fibro, and connective tissue disorders have cleared up also. Inflammmation causes everything to go hay wire. Minocin,Flagyl and Nizoral.

    Good Luck
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    Hi Wolfy,

    I have always known that I am ALOT more sensitive than other people.
    I took a free diagnostic questionaire on "mindfixers" web site which verified that fact. In my case, the problem is caused by an over-active Cingulate, and over-active Limbic System, an over-active Temporal Lobe and over-active Cerebral Cortex. I also have deficiencies in Serotonin and Norepinephrine. All this info was deduced from an extensive questionaire. The site also recommends what to take for it.

    It is ironic that for having such an over-active brain, I feel so tired and stupid all the time.

    Mrs. Zoso
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    Yes, me too! I am always trying to cut down on light, noise, smells, etc. Whenever possible I wear a dark hat, wraparound sunglasses over my already tinted eye glasses. I often wear earplugs & always carry them w/ me wherever I go. This time of year is really bad w/ air conditioners running so much. Some nights I just about jump out of my skin over the noise of neighbor's air conditioners & it's all I can do to control myself & not go over to the neighbors & pull out their electrical cords. Sounds give me an enormous headache & I feel very quickly enraged.

    I also feel vibrations that others don't seem to notice. Motion sickness seems to haunt me, too. Movies or TV w/ swirling images makes me dizzy & nauseous.

    I've cut off all the labels on my shirts as they were irritating the back of my neck, very painful & annoying. Sometimes even touching my own skin (like one arm over another when I'm trying to sleep) will bring on a pain surge. Nights like that are very hard to get to a calm place.

    I hate to take on the hermit image that someone else mentioned. I do connect w/ the world, but at my own pace.
    Somedays I need to disconnect the phone, focus on the small world I've helped to create, read an old familiar book or go out & do some quiet gardening.

    Best thoughts to all.