hyper relexes and spasticity

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    Hello there everyone.
    I was just wondering if any of you have been told by a neuroligist that you have spasticity or hyper reflexes? I had an MRI done with infusion to check for ms plaques, but it came back perfectly clear. My neuro didmt seemed concerned to further check it out. He seems to think its fibromyalgia symptoms. I have looked up spasticity and fibro has never been listed as a reason for it. Only ms and cp or a brain injury. I have had an incident where i crashed on a sled and really had a terrible headache from hitting my head, and i was told that could cause my spsticity...just concerned and wondered if my neuro is right and if any of you have been told you have these symptoms during an exam , and been diagnosed fibro...THanks so much, please someome comment on this as i never sleep at night anymore, because im scared...thanks UGGYJ
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    Hello and welcome.

    This place is a great source of information, someone is bound to come up with something for you.

    I haven't been told that and I am not sure what spasticity means. My muscles 'twitch' when I am over-tired. If I have been up too long, when I lay down, I feel like my muscles all over my body are twitching under the skin. However, too look at me, you see no movement. It is just the feeling.

    Look up Restless Leg in the message searcg box and see if what people describe is similar to your symptoms. Just a thought.

    Wish I cold advise you, hope someone does.

    all the best,

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    Yes when I went to my rheumatologist he wrote in my report saying strong almost hyper reflexes.I also have the muscle spasms or twitching on a daily basis.Lately the one that really bugs me is in my left eye (drives me nuts).My personal opinion on the reflexes is that it's due to the tenseness in my ligaments conected to the muscle.Mine seem to be constantly tourqed & aften very painfull. KEN
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    these things, and I woder what the neuro doc ment by 'spasticity', and what information he actually used to come to that conclusion.

    However I often feel that I am going in some way 'spastic', as I seem to have to use extra effort, somehow, to get my arms and legs to work, although I still look perfectly normal on the outside. I feel like it is probably some nerve problem, as though the messages are having trouble traveling along the nerves.(I'm FM).

    If you're concerned that your symptoms are caused by something else, maybe you should get another opinion. At least that would put your mind at ease.

    Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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    Seizure activity in the brain. Antispasmodic meds like Klonopin and Neurontin help greatly with this and with a whole host of other symptoms.

    I usually recommend that people read Dr. Cheney's article in our library on Klonopin. It does an excellent job of explaining many of our symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
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    That was the first thing my neurologist told me too. When she checked my reflexes, they were pretty wild, and she did a MRI of my C-spine (still hasn't done one of my head, though, but that's next).

    She said she thought it might be spinal stenosis, but it wasn't, so she said not to worry about it. I am on an anti-seizure drug, and she still thinks I may be having light seizures. I'm beginning to think I have a bit of everything - and I hate it!!!

    I have never had any doctor comment on my reflexes before being diagnosed, so I assume it's the fibro. I try not to worry about what I can't change, 'cause I don't know how to worry enough to cover everything anymore (LOL)

    Friends - Jole
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    Hi Uggy,

    Ive been dx with CFS but I have hyper reflexes. The neuro I saw put in his report that he didnt know whether it was of any relevance or not. He never actually said anything to me about it at the time. Ive often wondered since about it?