Hyperbaric oxygen chambers

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  1. deepak

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    Anyone tried this ? Been seeing very encouraging posts online using this therapy
  2. luigi21

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    I've read about it, im going to look into it there is one local to me. Hope they can do more research on this subject, from what ive read some parts of the brain are oxygen deprived, and oxygen poor circulation in the body also causes pain, question is, is this just a symptom or a cause, and if its a cause why is it dysfunctioning? sometimes it best to type in 'scholary' articles on these subjects to see what research is going on.

    thanks for the post
  3. deepak

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    Just found out that in India the HBot therapy costs about $60 for 1.5 hours. Someone told me that in the USA it is almost 3 times that ?! Is that true ?
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