Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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  1. wld285

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    Has anyone heard or know anything about this for Lyme?
  2. victoria

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    my son did it. He definitely herxed with it... he started off doing it 2X/day, 5 days/week, but after about 2 weeks, I think, it was decided he should continue with abx primarily at that point - he was doing both abx & the HBOT, and it was just too much of a herx. If you do a search about it on this board, you'll see my posts about it, that may give you a more rounded picture... altho that's what happened in a nutshell.

    Currently he only does it occasionally to help him detox.

    Also there was someone in Scotland who was part of a charity providing it for pts there to help them with lyme --- if you do a search on the CF/FM board, you'll see the posts about it there too.

    And, if you do a search in the reference library here, you'll see where one person in NYC has written about her daily use of a home unit. She knows she has lyme but couldn't take abx. She is able to function in a normal life with it, but without it she quickly becomes ill again. The article gives some sources.

    There is also info about it in some books, one is called "10 Top Alternative Treatment for Lyme" (I think)... also talked about in the Lyme and Rife book.

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    .....for the info.

  4. wld285

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    I have asked for information to be sent to me. Go to HBOTreatment.com and you can get some info on it. Ikind of ran into it by mistake. Seems like my mind can't stay on one thing very long since I started to doxy. Weird huh?

  5. victoria

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    the single person chambers are sort of like a giant test tube - glass, totally see-thru, and you are able to communicate with the technician, also you can watch TV thru it or bring your own music or audio book, whatever, as sound is piped in.

    From what I've read of others' experiences in group 'chambers', one has to wear a see-thru hood to get the O2, but there are a lot of problems with them collapsing; plus, it's not affecting your whole body then.

    The higher pressure forcing oxygen into the body's cells, btw, is what kills the bacteria, and why it is commonly used to treat gangrene & non-healing wounds in diabetics.
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    Aren't the treatments terribly expensive?

  7. victoria

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    I've seen them at all different price ranges, depending on the provider and where you live; sometimes insurance pays even tho it's considered alternative for lyme etc.

    "Regular" alternative health clinics are generally quite expensive, but often give a discount if they know you are paying yourself. If you can find an individual who is providing it, it may be cheapest...

    for example, I saw an ad by a nurse that does it in the NE at publichealthalert.org, a good lyme/chronic illness internet newsletter, it sounds like she might be reasonable... might even be good to check with her to see if she knows anyone in your area? Just a thought.

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    by a local clinic safety tech for HBOT, that it can't help late stage Lymes because it's too deep in the nerve tissue. At the 55-60 ft. level you kill off alot of other pathogens though. At 20-25 ft. he said it could help the autonomic nerveous system to stop IBS. He said this all would take 20 to 40 sessions, $100 each, that are an hour long plus the 20 minutes it takes to reach the depth. I would really like to try this for my daughter, but she's having an ear problem now so her doctor won't prescribe it for her, yet.
  9. victoria

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    there's an article in the library here about a woman who uses it daily to keep her lyme symptoms at bay after abx were unsuccessful for her, author is Jill Neimark... she also uses some other alternative approaches.

    that's true, it does not 'cure' it in late stage, but it won't be cured anyway, just beaten into submission/remission whether by abx or whatever.

    If one got good results, as a last resort, I'd gladly use it every day (She bought her own, refurbished).