hypercoagulation/SED rate question?

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    I finally read the hypercoagulation article posted by Jellybelly.

    Since my SED rate is 12 (both 6 and 1 years ago) I presume I don't need to worry about it. BUT, are platelets taken into account in the test? (Red Cross liked that I had so many platelets.)

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  2. elaine_p

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    The reason I asked was after reading the article and replies, it seemed like my SED rate was so normal I didn't need to check into it. But based on your reply I'll mention it to my doc anyway! Thanks again!
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    Jelly's right. One of my patients had a sed rate of 93! And other patients with high sed rates have seen them come back to normal after treatment. High sed rates could be a sign of inflammation. Problem with CFS/FM is that it's a complicated picture (which makes it hard to predict or understand flares) and sed rate can be influenced by lots of different factors (like pregnancy or smoking).

    Do look into coagulation problems further if you can. I've found that most of my CFS/FM patients have a variant of Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome. I use the ISAC test, which checks for the same things some doctors are now using to monitor DIC. We might consider this a non-overt form of DIC. You probably won't recognize these terms. I'm sorry I don't have time to try to explain them all, but there are lots of previous posts in the archives. The article by Dr. Berg is probably the most useful one to show to your doctor. You don't want to overwhelm him, but thats as good a way as I can think of to pique his interest.

    Good Luck,
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    I'm printing this post and will find the Dr. Berg article and give it to my doctor.