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    I was wondering if anyone here has been told they have hypercoagulation?
    I was diagnosed with CFS and Fm two years ago. Have made some progress (thyroid is much better) but last labs showed elevated D-dimer and TAT consistent with hypercoagulation or thick blood.
    I was taking supplements for this but only because earlier labs showed some elevated fibrinogen levels. I was taking a supplement with nattokinase and lumbrokinase, but to be honest, not knowing how important it was, often did not (or forget) take it. After reading about hypercoagulation I think this may be the root cause of everything. I live in the L.A. area and are lucky enough to get treatment at a center for CFS. My doctor upped my dose when he saw the latest lab results but I was up front with him that I was lackadaisical about taking Fibronex (the name of the supplement).
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    Google CFSExperimental. Ken Klassen moderates this Yahoo group. He and one of his kids have CFS and were both diagnosed with hypercoagulation. They were treated with hesparin (a blood thinning med). I believe his wife and other child also have CFS issues but with different causes. Ken and one of his kids are now at least 90% better.
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    Yup. I was was diagnosed with it years ago when I was going to the Fibro and Fatigue Center in Norwalk, Ct. I was prescribed Heparin injections, I think twice a day? and IMMEDIATELY my pain was gone. Completely gone. Dr. kept me on that for one month then switched me over to (supplement) Balouke Lumbrokinase and my pain gradually came back. Would love to go back on the Heparin again.
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    Is often present in PWC because we suffer from a lot of chronic infections. I took Heparin and it helped but is no longer available. According to my research, Nattokinase is more effective than Heparin in getting rid of this fibrin. It helped me to get my blood back to a healthier sed rate. Docs love a low sed rate because it usually means low inflammation but it can also be evidence of excess fibrin.

    If the fibrin is caused by chronic infections, one can have severe Herx-like reactions when the pathogens hiding out in the fibrin/platelet clumps go into the bloodstream.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Look up DR.Ali Majid--he has done a lot of research on the racid blood of cfids/fibro sufferers bearing down on oxidative stress--and other problems of our blood.....