HYPERPARATHYROIDISM===.anyone ever tested/treated/dx'd with it?

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  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Found this in the research library here:

    Hyperparathyroidism - similarity to symptoms of fibromyalgia



    hyperparathyroidism is a common cause of hypercalcemia. The hypercalcemia usually is discovered during a routine serum chemistry profile. Often, there has been no previous suspicion of this disorder.

    In most patients initially believed to be asymptomatic, previously unrecognized symptoms resolve with surgical correction of the disorder.

    The symptoms of hyperparathyroidism are vague and often similar to symptoms of depression, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia or stress reaction.

    Complications of primary hyperparathyroidism include peptic ulcers, nephrolithiasis, pancreatitis and dehydration.

    Surgical management is usually indicated. When medical management is used, routine monitoring for clinical deterioration is recommended. Preoperative localization of adenomas with technetium Tc 99m sestamibi scan is possible but may be unnecessary. An experienced surgeon should perform the parathyroidectomy.
    Allerheiligen DA, Schoeber J, Houston RE, Mohl VK, Wildman KM

    I got interested in it as my landlady has high calcium levels, constant sore throat, and lately bad headaches... all also indicators of it. She's going to get tested, just wondering if anyone else here ever turned up with it or --? Then again, I guess if someone got better, they might not have returned?

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  2. kjfms

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    I have high calcium levels. They always run anywhere from 10.0 to 10.5 so far my physician is taking the wait and see approach...not sure I like that!!

    I am going to ask my endocrinologist about this problem though, as I have had ongoing dehydration issues.

    And now what appears to be abnormal kidney function -- that has me more than a little concerned. (my eGFR is <60 but this has only shown in my blood work in May...so who knows...LOL

    However, I do have a residual pituitary tumor that has decided to "act up" so all of these problems are probably related to it.

    I will be seeing my endocrinologist again in three weeks to see if we can find a solution to these problems.

    Thanks for the interesting article and sorry for rambling.

    Karen :)
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    My landlady is going to get tested tomorrow, may even get the results too; if so, I'll let y'all know. She's never been dx'd with FM, but says she has had some problems off and on altho it's never stopped her for very long.

    I also found out from another friend with FM that both she and her Dad tested for hyperparathyr., he did have the surgery but didn't feel much better - altho he had other problems, hard to separate some things! She herself is coincidentally checking this out further.

    Yet another friend with FM said she'd just been looking into this, that hypercalcemia can be due to gluten sensitivity.... she sent me this link-- glutensensitivity.net --except I can't read the document about it as my computer will not read pdf files right now...

    I'm guessing the diet at least would be worth a try before surgery if it came down to that point!

    all the best,

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  4. Bluebottle

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    Yes, I had a a parathyroid gland removed a few years ago because of this. Unfortunately it made no difference to my fibro or M.E./CFS.

    My blood calcium levels were never raised, it was only when a 24 hour urine collection revealed that I was excreting large amounts of calcium that I was considered for surgery.

    I later had to have a large kidney stone removed that the hyperparathyroidism had caused.
  5. justlooking

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    I've had high calcium levels for over a year now. Like KJFMS, my Drs have taken a wait and see attitude, but my calcium levels haven't gone down.

    On my own I went to an Endocrinologist, but when he tested my calcium was normal again. I guess it's not uncommon for calcium levels to flucuate with Hyperparathyroidism. The Endocrinologist wanted to do an Adrenal test, but I haven't gone back to do it yet.

    My regular Dr wants to finally do a test to determine if it is a tumor on my parathyroid, since high calcium can cause problems with your heart, kidneys and other vital organs. I don't remember what the test is but I plan to get it done, as well as the Adrenal test within the next 6 months. Right now I'm coming off of Gallbladder surgery in May and a summer with 4 kids at home, so a little rest is what I am hoping for. If I do have it, I am just not ready for another surgery right now, even though it is supposed to be an easy one.

    There is a really good site dedicated to Hyperparathyroidism by a Dr Norman something. google it and you will have a GREAT resource on it.
    BTW based on my research and that website, I have all of the symptoms of Hyperparathyroidism. Many are similar to FM and CFS
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