hyperreflexes in knees?

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    Finally had Neuro. appt., phew! I was sure i had CFS/ME But he "suspects" FMS... Referred to a Rheumy doc. I was very nervous and I could tell he was suspicious of me and my ailments. He asked me, "Are you normally a hyper person?" I didn't and don't know how to take that one! I told him no. Anyway, he tested my reflexes and my wrists were fine, but when he did the knees my leg swang higher than it used to, and higher than normal... He said it was very abnormal and that something was wrong here. Now I'm going to do a third MRI... The others were with contrast dye as well, but this one will be even more intense. He is going to also do my neck because he suspects something from the waist down. Whatever? That is sooooo not what I thought this was, does anyone know what this could be? Also as some of you here have read i've got three lesions on my brain in an area that they aren't too concerned about. My other Neurologists reviews on this was unremarkable... So he is going to NOT take them at their word and take a look at the images himself... He is concerned about the knees jerking and when he tested my knees not only did my legs jump but my whole body was like startled and sort of reacted... Anyone been tested on MRI on neck, have hyperreflexes on knees? If so what did they find out? Thankyou for your responses in advance....

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    Dear Hazygal:

    I have experienced hyperreflexive knees, for me however the answer was fairly simple I have aseizure disorder since age 13 from a head injury. When I was seizing it was usually in my sleep and I still have myoclonus (uncontrolled Muscles movements) during sleep. I have had the whole spectrum of neurological tests done to mankind, there is an area of my brain that indicates damage occurred from the accident. Is it possible that you are having any seizures or myoclonus, Have you ever had an sleep deprived EEG to rule out other neurological conditions. I have FMS but heck when I was seizing in my sleep or anu other time I used to be achy the next morning. Thought a truck had run me over. Bring this up with your physician the next time your in. Perhaps something has been overlooked.


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    ...........OH! and I DO know what he is looking for, perhaps. He could be looking for a lesion in the c-spine, as a lesion might cause this, and/or, he could be looking to see if something else =i.e. arthritic changes/bulging disc in that area, as that too can cause a change in your reflexes.

    I have the exact same thing---and I do have arthtitis AND a bulging disc in the C-spine, but my neuro did not even tell me where, as he says it is not the cause of my problems.

    He's about 95% sure my problems are all related to MS, as I too, have 3 lesions in my brain, and one lesion is in the area of the brain that can only be due to a handful of conditions=1.a rare disease in Italian men who drink red wine. (definitely NOT me)2. Glioblastoma (would have already been diagnosed by now.)3.Oligodendrroglioma(which is also more definitive on MRI.)4.Lymphoma(again, not me.) and then there is MS. My neuro thinks that is me, I'm hoping it is not.

    The area of that lesion BTW,is the Corpus Callosum, and the info above on differential diagnosis, comes from a Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic's Neurology department RE: Corpus Callosum lesion). I didn't want anyone thinking *I* didn't want anyone falsly assuming I'm a genius---LOL.

    So, anyways, btw, the other two lesions I have, according to the radiologist, (but NOT my neuro, who still says MS)are in an area, more typical, of vascular disease i.e. stroke, or mini-strokes-aka TIA, or transient ischemic attacks. My neuro says because I have a lesion in the Corpus Callosum, and am female, 25 years old, and have Trigeminal Neuralgia, MS is the only thing he believes it to be. I love my neuro, but I still won't listen to his MS talk. ( *grin* ) I will be seeing an MS specialist this summer sometime to prove him wrong though.

    So anyways, I wouldn't panic, it could be arthritis, could be a bulging disc, could be MS, could be nothing. Some people just normally have more brisk reflexes. But if your doc thinks something is wrong, then something probably is, I just wanted you to know that it might not be something disasterous or anything. Best of luck to ya, and definitely let us know.

    Hope I helped you a little, or at the very least, made any kind of sense, I am completely "disconnected" today, feel as though I'm in my own twilight zone.

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    I appreciate your letters and received a wealth of information... Thankyou Suzanne and Medic and anyone else in advance.

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    I have also had extreme hyper-reflexes in my knees for a long time. My doc once joked he should wear protective gear while testing my reflexes. I've been told it's usually indicative of spinal cord compression in the cervical spine. I have 3 bulging discs in my c-spine, so it adds up. I was going to get this taken care of after the orthopedist fixed my lumbar spine. More or less a toss of the coin decision because I couldn't have both done at once. I had two surgeries on the same lumbar site in the past year, only to come out of it with more pain than before. More than likely due to nerve inflammation; they were both lengthy procedures and the nerve bundle had to be pushed aside to get to the disc and vertebral body for a good number of hours. I've been a bit reluctant to go to the neurosurgeon and have the c-spine done because the other gave me so much chronic pain. Realistically though, the procedure will be done by coming in thru the front (my throat) so the nerve inflammation shouldn't be as much of a problem. I'm going to have to have it checked into because the symptoms from the neck have been getting increasingly severe. I have so many surgical scars I'm starting to look like Dr Frankenstein's monster. LOL Man oh man!! Don't you all get tired of going to so many doctors? I sure do!
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    Last time I had my leg reflexes checked I had no response.
    My doctor told me that he suspected spinal cord compression in the neck!
    He sited other reasons, no gag reflex, eye reflex, no strength in thigh muscles, and here's a weird one-loss of finger print pattern!
    Has anyone heard of these?
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    I have no reflexes!
    Maybe I really am the walking dead.

    Ziggy? No fingerprint pattern? Does that mean you could get away with murder like OJ did?
    When you look at your fingers, do you see the
    swirly lines. I never heard of that! Hmmm


    PS Ziggy, or anyone for that matter, have you
    had Lyme disease ruled out??? I think
    I read loss of reflexes could be associated
    with lyme.[This Message was Edited on 06/28/2003]
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    Yup, I now can become a professional criminal for an occupation {G}!
    No really, he just said they were fading away. I looked at his, and then at mine. His had ridges on the pattern, mine are all smooth, and hard to see. I've wanted to check other people's but...well. He said that meant the spinal compression problem had been going on for a long time since they are so faded.
    ANYWAY, I am glad to know that I am not the only one without reflexes. Did you have the eye, and gag relfex done also?
    Wierd thing is, if I remember correctly (ha-ha) not 3 months ago I had them tested (leg) and they were fine. But maybe they just come and go?
    Who knows.....why do we have to be the doctors anyway? :p
    Take Care,
    Ziggy PS Lyme disease hasn't been checked out. I did a tiny bit of research and the "pattern" didn't seem to fit?
    [This Message was Edited on 06/28/2003]
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    Hello. Yes, my knees are extremely sensitive. In fact, when I first had them tested after I ruptured a disc (before my surgery), I just about kicked the surgeon in his balls.

    I was sitting on the table with my feet dangling down & he was on a rolling chair. He barely tapped my right leg & it was somewhat of a high kick. He then did the left & the rest is history.

    Naturally, we had a close call & became laughing buddies after that.

    Could be you have hypermobility, too. My rheumie discovered this & we he tested my hips (manually moving them away from my body), he asked if this ever stops or if my hips just keep on going. Found my shoulders, fingers, wrists, shoulders, etc. were overly mobile, way too flexible. I was then tested for EDS (you can search this in the messages), but thankfully I wasn't. I have enough problems, thank you!

    Best thoughts.
  10. Applyn59

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    I don't even think I have had a dr. who looked at
    my fingertips! LOL

    I haven't had eye or gag reflex tested as far as I know.
    I gag very easily so I must have a healthy one.
    What are the tests for that?

    SOmeone just recently told me that I definitely should get tested for lyme. I have no known tick bite or
    bull's eye rash. Seems many don't even get the rash.
    Many on the lymnet board have been diagnosed with
    CFS and FMS and end up finding out that it was lyme disease! It's scarey stuff.

    I am making an appt to be tested next week.
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    Hi there! I also have EXTREMLY sensitive reflexes, especially in the knees. I have had so many doctors take note of how wierd it was, but never offered an explanation. Recently we found out that I do have a herniated disk in my lower back, but I don't know if that explains it or not. I did not know that hyperreflexes were a symptom of MS. I worry about that since my mother has MS. I guess I should see if I have any lesions soon. SO scary!! If you find out why you have it, let us know!!