Hypersensitivity & Severe Recurring Vaginal Infections HELP!

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    Hi Everyone . . . another post on these terrible vaginal infections. I don't know what to take . . . I've had infections repeatedly since I've been ill, including yeast, normal bacterial vaginosis and Strep B. At this point I have exhausted all normal medical treatments . . . I had a terrible reaction to Diflucan (could take it fine prior to my surgery/CFS), the very worst reaction to Metrogel (I was sedated by using it vaginally for 15 hours and then my arms and legs were numb for another day) and I can't take the penicillin drugs for Strep B. Actually every ABX I've tried since having CFS (getting progressively worse, at first I could take Augmentin) has made me extremely ill . . . I was told by my dr. they are overdose reactions (I can hardly breathe, hearbeat irregular and I don't know where I am/what I'm doing) . . . if I need to take an ABX it has to be a pediatric dosage. I tried that for the recent Strep B and the reaction was bad too. I have been using vinegar and water douches to try to keep the colony sizes down (I know for a healthy vagina you don't douche, I never did, but I have no choice now). I think I have another bad yeast infection now (have removed sugar from my diet, eat low carbs, lots or protein) and last night for the first time felt really sick & dizzy after using over the counter yeast medication (good grief, couldn't believe it!) Weirdly enough I took Elavil for six months before I knew I had CFS for sleep problems & had NO INFECTIONS. Unfortunately, I now get so hyper on Elavil that I can't sleep so I can't take it. My dr. is doing immune testing and doesn't want me to take any other drugs for immune system modulation now. Due to my reactions to everything else, I'm afraid to take herbal supplements now. Although I think I would try douching with something. I do have some probiotic capsules, but read that there is a special kind you are supposed to use vaginally & all acidophilus/lactobacillus don't work for this? Anyone know about this?? Also, I know garlic, grapefruit seed extract and tea tree oil & olive leaf are natural ABX . . . has anyone had experience douching with any of these things? I read alot of people have allergic reactions to tea tree oil. I want to figure out which is the most gentle and least likely to cause a reaction. I hate this trial and error thing! I'm afraid of the infections getting worse and spreading, etc. Also read that inserting a vitamin A capsule can help repair the mucus lining of the vagina . . . anyone heard of this? I think the vinegar and water helps, but I think it just keeps the infections swinging from one to another. What about vinegar & water douching followed by a probiotic capsule to restore good bacteria? I thought about this as well. Any suggestions?? How many people out there think that among other things they have systemic candida infections? I just read that there are terribly resistant candida strains in the hospital . . . I know many of us got sick after surgery or a bad accident and wondering if in addition to other things we picked these up in the hospital . . . Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am OFF THE SCALE in sensitivity right now, so the normal rules definitely don't apply :) Happy Easter . . . Love and Hugs, Terri
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    Sweetie, I am so very sorry for all the pain and suffering you have been going through with this. I hope your docs can help you.

    My daughter has vulvadynia and I know how awful these vaginal problems are. She can no longer take baths as bathwater is one way for bacteria to enter the affected area. She also has interstitial cystitis which is another very painful condition.

    Love, Mikie
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    I had to stop taking baths also (hate that because they are relaxing!), because I kept getting Urinary Tract Infections and that has helped with those. Obviously this immune issue is somehow affecting my ability to keep these infections at bay as I should. When I was on Elavil, I didn't get one infection . . . that tells me that it was modulating my immune system somehow to stop them (didn't get vaginal or uti infections the whole 6 months I was on it). I've gotten some strange infections -- urinary staph & vaginal strep -- which people with healthy immune systems don't get. They catheterized me to find the strep because they thought it may be a contaminant, but it wasn't . . . happened twice. I also am very careful and do all the "right" behavior things . . . not staying in wet clothes, not using cornstarch powder, always wiping front to back, drying off with a dryer after a shower, wearing cotton underwear, drinking lots of water (I can't have cranberry juice right now due to the sugar -- for the uti's). Have used the cranberry capsules before I had CFS, so I might try that again . . . just thought I'd post to see if a different group of people might have something else they've tried. Happy Easter! Love, Terri
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    poor baby! Terri, I know how miserable you are! Those infections are about the worst!

    The ABX you're taking are probably the biggest culprit for causing vaginal yeast infection. Also, yeast tends to feed on fermented stuff, so the vinegar MAY actually be feeding the problem, too. Perhaps try a more neutral douche, using baking soda and water. The vinegar is acidic, whereas the baking powder is alkyline, and may help to balance your vaginal Ph. For relief, I know this sounds INCREDIBLY gross, but it IS effective: Put a HEAVY dose of PLAIN yogurt on a menstrual pad and wear this. Change the yogurt every 3-4 hours. This, too, helps get rid of the yeasties, is probiotic, and someone just came in and interupted me, so now I have NO IDEA what the rest of the info is that I was going to give you!

    Argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! I've re-read your post and my own and I STILL can't take my brain(LOL! Like I REALLY have one anymore!) back to where it was before the interuption! Ah pooh! Well, sorry 'bout that. I think I came up with enuf to get you SOME relief. I hope so, anyway.

    Fast healing to you! and gentle hugs, too,
    Let Miracles Replace ALL Grievances
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    I haven't taken ABX. I took one pill and got really sick, before that it has been at least six months since I've taken an ABX . . . this is just constant no matter what. I think it is immune system not keeping "normal" things in check, plus I have insulin resistance and the yeast may be coming from that! I have been on a high protein, no sugar & very low complex carb diet with lots of veggies and garlic . . . my blood work looks so much better . . . glucose and triglycerides are down into the normal range. Terri
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    My mother had a horrendous yeast infection..It has been awhile, since I had a really bad one..I know you must be miserable..In the past, I have had yeast infections in and on about every moist area of the body..I was, first, diagnosed with The Yeast Syndrome, by Dr. Truss, and the guy that wrote the The Yeast Syndrome..I have had many years of dealing with it..

    Since you have problems with the prescription drugs, have you used a topical mycolog for the vaginal area, itself.. and also, try either Berberine Complex, Caprylic Acid or Dioxyclor (all natural products)..Also, I have been on Olive Leaf Extract, which is suppose to have antifungal properties, which may help prevent in the future..I have also heard using Yogurt in any opening in the body..and use to put nystatin in glycerin capsules and insert in vagina..

    Also, have you consulted with the Candida Message Board??..they may have more solutions..Hope you get over it, soon..

    To Healing and Feeling Better,
    ~~Amelia~~[This Message was Edited on 04/20/2003]
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    I have recurring yeast infections and horrible problems with vulvadynia that Mikie mentioned earlier. I go to the ONE ob/gyn in town who sort of specializes in that area. She does so out of default. Very few studies are going on out there to try and figure this stuff out. That really is the biggest problem.

    Everything that is topical causes problems I can tolerate Diflucan which helps sometimes and not others. I also use Domborros(sp?)which is a fine powder that one mxes with warm water and you treat the efected area. Some people use warm tea bags. Anyway, the point is that increasing blood flow to the area can encourage any negative "whatevers" that are in the vulvar area to decrease. I work closely with my doctor and there are at least two magazines that one can subscribe to that deal with vulvadynia (which you almost certainly have).

    On a more personal note, I know some people turn to biofeedback and insert a small tampon like bject which takes readings. This helps them to see how they are constantly holding there muscles in this area and how that can affect one's problems. I have many long casual dresses that I wear at home with no underwear. That is extrememly important. Keeping the vulvar area as oxyginated as possible. Most usually do better that way.

    Since most people with various forms of vaginitis cannot tolerate tampons, pads are a must. Some cannot tolerate them. There is a place called Gladrags which sells 100% cotton/undied panty liners for menstrual periods. Many women wear these on a daily basis because they do not react to natural cloth liners and they do to store bought disposable ones.

    Personally, I think there are many, may women with these kinds of problems but because it is so difficult to talk about in conversation it is not high on anyone's priority list.

    I hope you are able to find some relief somewhere or a doctor who can direct you in a helpful direction. This is a miserable problem that leaves most people without much of any answers.

    Lynda B.
  8. Fibromiester

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    Oh, you poor thing, Talk about suffering!
    I've been sick since late November with the Beasties, of course, before then also, but I always knew it was a Yeast/Fungus problem. I only now have been prescribed Ketoconazole-and I'm better. But it is powerful, and I don't know if you could handle it. It always takes a horse'a Kick to cure me of anything!
    Here are my two cent's worth...
    I would take it easy on the douching, period. And I would say no to vinegar, as stated above, as it is acid. Douching is tearing up your sensitive cells in there, and I don't see it as natural or helpful, unless it is EXTREMELY NEEDED. Yup, if you can - long dresses, no panties!
    And as to Acidic- first, I'm sure you have it, but get the book by Dr. Crook, The Yeast Connection, and follow his diet and *other ideas- your diet seems to be good...Even Better>>>> Please do a SEARCH on THIS site in the space above and try to find the post on "Acid or Alkaline" FOODS...And get your body in an Alkaline state.
    I think the best Acidopholis/plus Probiotics are Primal Defense. Read Labels! And for antibiotic help you can't go wrong with a lot of Garlic,Fresh is best, but I've heard Kyolic is beneficial...also many like the Olive Leaf -with your sensitivities start out with a 17% or so and work up to several pills a day, then to 5- 6%pills.
    I will end in saying you MAY also be Allergic? to... MOLDS?...Does your envirement include moldy sinks & shower stalls? Or a HeatPump? Or a Soggy Cellar?...just a thought for the day, at no extra charge !!!
    And, yes, Visit our Candida Board by clicking on Message Boards, above, and choosing candida, and see what they had/have to say...
    OH, Bless You, Babe, I pray Health for you!!!
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    that you are suffering so. I have a similar problem, not as bad & it comes & goes. This is what has helped me.
    When I am irritated I stop wearing panties, I wear a dress & a slip during the day. (it's a pain but it really helps) Also, homeopathic medicine works well for me. Lastly, I have been told not to use over the counter products because they kill off the beasts on the outer parts & send the others back into the body. When the problem gets really bad I was told to take a bath with 1 cup of vinegar added. I hope that you can find some relief soon. Take gentle care.
    Love, D.