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    I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr, CFS and now Babesia/Lyme...I have what I think is Hypersomnia, where I am tired all of the time and have no problems falling asleep, for hours at a time, but when I awaken I feel like I never slept and have horrendous puffy, sore eyes...I also have Post Exertional Malaise...I really do not think that I have Sleep Apnea, which many times causes the Hypersomnia...I am so desparate to feel rested however and I am wondering if anyone can tell me of certain remedies that have helped them...I would be most grateful!

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    A hot epsom salt bath or at least a foot bath is a good first step. Many infections don't tolerate heat. Lyme is esp sensitive to heat.

    Ribose is a sugar that doesn't ferment (encourage yeast growth) but can supply your mitochondria (energy factory in each cell) with part of the broken ATP recycling process.

    Dr. T says 5 grams, 3 X a day for 2 weeks. 2X for maintenance.

    Ribose is not a cure, its a bandaid, but it helps me alot.
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    It is my guess that once the Babesia and lyme are properly treated by a Lyme literate MD, you will improve.

    I do not have post-exertional malaise, but many people do. It is associated with babesia.....here's a great paper you should read if you haven't already...


    Your hormones may also be abnormal due to the chronic infections....mine were. I use bioidentical hormones.

    You may be deficient in B-12.

    Corvalen D-ribose is supposed to be really helpful....but it is expensive.

    You may benefit from CO-Q 10 (not recommended with Mepron use), B complex vits, Vit D,

    You may benefit from alpha lipoic acid or L-carnitine.

    If you haven't posted on lymenet.org's medical questions board, I recommend it. there are lots of helpful people there and it's a busy board.

    Go to lymenet.org.......click on flash discussion.....sign up for free.....click on Medical Questions board and create a post.

    If you do go there, people always ask that you use 1 sentence paragraphs and double space them like I did here.

    It makes it easy for people with alot of neuro symptoms to read it.

    They also have a Seeking a Doctor board.

    You will get more suggestions there.

    All the best to you.
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    You may want to try Rhodiola. It is an adaptogen herb (strengthens system)with many healing properties. It increases energy and is supposed to balance the system. I tried it but could not take it because it was too stimulating for me/ and my old symptoms came back (might have been herxing, but could not take stimulating affects). Do some research.. one woman has written a book and claimed it healed her lyme disease. It's on amazon/can't remember the name of the book.
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    getting on human growth hormone;

    getting the right dose of compounded T3;

    getting the rest of my hormones in line especially cortisol and

    most importantly treating Babesia, Bartonella and Borrelia.

    Before this my brain would never really shut off. I was "thinking" all of the time. I never got into a deep sleep mode.

    I also had to take all of the electronics out of the bedroom. Anything with a g;owing light on it was interfering with my sleep. Now the phone jack light is covered with a cloth napkin. I unplugged the TV and removed the dish controller box out. The alarm clock faces the wall so the digital numbers don't shine in my eyes.